Bringing Metaverse Interoperability

Ever wonder how to get an object from one place to another? The answer is simple; move it. But what if you can’t move it from one place to another because it doesn’t work? It is too heavy, cumbersome or perhaps the possibility of moving it is just not an option. 

Now think of this concept in relation to the world of gaming. ArcadeNetwork is creating a solution to this problem: a bridging system so items can be moved from one metaverse to another. This breakthrough inventive and innovative bridge technology works on the scalable Polygon ecosystem and allows gamers to move objects and artifacts among metaverses, as well as get timely opportunities to earn tokens, send and receive artifacts and tokens, and much more. 

Having this kind of tool for the metaverse is a solution that many are sure to need as more and more assets are minted and traded. It is no wonder that people are lining up for the ArcadeNetwork initial DEX offering (IDO) coming December 1 and 2, 2021.

Achievements So Far

Besides being one of a kind in the space, ArcadeNetwork has made great progress on many other fronts to position it for success. Some of these achievements include:

  • Fundraise of $2.5 million USDT, 
  • Major partner backing from Polygon, AU21, Faculty, NonceVC, Nonceblox, Genblock Capital, and others,
  • Interoperability partnerships with more than 50 metaverse games,
  • Successful tech integrations with partners like Nifty Pays
  • Other major partnerships will be revealed after the upcoming IDO. 

The Upcoming IDO

As part of the initial development offering and token offering set by ArcadeNetwork, the tokens will be available for sale on multiple platforms —namely Poolz, Bullstarter, Scaleswap and Polkabridge— and across multiple exchanges and sites to allow for greater adoption and more widespread marketing and outreach. 

It is forecasted that the tokens will sell fast because of the innovation and bridging concepts introduced by ArcadeNetwork, as well as their rigorous development strategy for increased community outreach through a DAO.

Investors and traders can find information on the markets where the tokens are sold by checking the ArcadeNetwork social channels, and eventually on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. 

CEO Chinka G commented, “It's the first platform of its kind bringing metaverse interoperability. The project has huge utilities and values and is eventually gonna be handed over to the community as DAO. The number of opportunities it will create in the entire metaverse and rather, the entire gaming ecosystem, is revolutionary in my eyes."

How To Buy The ArcadeNetwork Token

The best way to get started with buying the ArcadeNetwork token is to go follow the company’s Twitter and their Telegram channel and stay tuned. There have already been plenty of posts regarding where and how to buy the token.

The token has already achieved great success from a sales perspective and continues to grow its value with several planned use cases coming down the pipeline. It is anticipated that the number of use cases and attributes relevant to the success of the project will increase and likely correlate to increases in token value in the short to long term. While this concept has yet to unfold across the multitude of metaverses, it will likely will spread and grow as more use cases such as on-platform NFTs and money transfers begin.

 Adding Utility to the Tokens

ArcadeNetwork has already started establishing the concepts and protocol for in-game transfers of objects and artifacts and this will only add utility value to the ArcadeNetwork token as time goes on. With over 50 partners already working on integrating interoperability options for the project, the token is gaining in value as more adoption increases the use case potential. 

With the coming launch of Arcverse, the token will see an exponential realization of value as networked partners join the Arcverse. Some of the other use cases of the token include:

  • Staking options
  • Fee settlement
  • Game dev financing and loyalty payments
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Gaming functions
  • Metaverse functions

The tokens are a central component of the ARC Bridge and games associated with the platform and its interoperability partners and will continue to be a spotlight token to watch after the IDO. To get specific information on how the token utility works, be sure to read the whitepaper. 

After The IDO

Following the IDO, there will be added utility and value to holders as more technology partners begin deploying the interoperable solutions. Working with major stakeholders following the IDO continues to be a priority as the central premise is to increase outreach and partnerships for development and metaverse scalability. 

With over 50 partners in the space, ongoing work remains a top priority for the ArcadeNetwork development team as it grows scalability through enhanced smart contracts, hybridized cross-chain solutions, and API options. “The real and interesting phase of this revolution shall actually start after the IDO,” says Chinka G

Some analysts say that the token launch is really just the beginning and the real movement of ArcadeNEtwork will begin after the IDO once the development starts to grind its gears and people are engaging more actively with the platform. 

Currently at the IDO stage, the project is geared for growth with a solid roadmap to give investors, gamers, holders and speculators an opportunity to join in the movement of ArcadeNetwork as it impacts the global gaming metaverse space. 

Set to launch the initial product around February, the platform tokens will also be available for on-platform usage. Following that, there will be cross-platform support and platform additions with other games so that the concepts can be realized and come into fruition. Then, the Arcverse will be launching in April, and the tokens will be able to be used with full functionality. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the ArcadeNetwork website and hit the contact button if you want to get in on a private token sale, or bounce to the bottom of the page and check out any of the social channels for more information on the DEX offering and launchpad purchasing options!