Profiting in the cryptocurrency market can be difficult, especially for those who have zero knowledge of the industry and little to no experience in trading. Introducing Zort — a platform that does it all for you with the click of a button.

It is no surprise that the nature of cryptocurrency markets makes it extremely difficult for investors to profit consistently. Discouraged by high barriers to entry, extreme volatility and a low sense of security, investors stand to lose extensive portions of their capital should their trading decisions not be guided by data-rich trading technologies. To eliminate this, we developed Zort to remove human bias and irrationality in trading by leveraging the power of our unique automated trading technology.

Designed for users to start trading autonomously, Zort enables both new and skilled traders to compound their investments on a large scale without effort, eliminating the need to watch the market 24/7. As the first-ever fully autonomous trading platform with a success rate of over 90% in profitability, Zort is excited to reveal its technology to the public.

Why Zort? 

Utilizing Zort’s sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, investors no longer have to monitor the market constantly. Whether you are asleep, traveling or wishing for more free time, Zort’s network stays active 24/7, bringing you profits and protecting your assets from market crashes that can wipe out your entire portfolio at any given moment. Not to mention, Zort charges users only when trades are won. This ensures that every transaction Zort makes for you pays for the next one with its profit. 

Risk management

While Zort trades with the goal of profitability, it also trades accordingly based on risk management. Zort’s fully automated and dynamic built-in stop-loss technology protects your investments by monitoring the market on your behalf and pulling you back into fiat when it detects a possible market crash. A feature loved by many, even the world’s best traders utilize its immense capabilities of risk management.

Zort has demonstrated its ability to consistently profit in the volatile market with a proven track record that goes back years. Click here to read reviews and user testimonials on Telegram. 

You can read about Zort’s latest trades for the past three months of 2021 here.

Zort’s new token launch

Zort is now tokenizing its proprietary technology on the Ethereum (ERC-20) network. 

By staking or burning Zort, users are rewarded with reduced trading fees and overall membership costs, allowing users to generate more profits while paying fewer fees simultaneously. 

What is the Zort coin? 

Zort is a tradable, smart currency token that powers the entire Zort trading network. Serving as a utility token like any other cryptocurrency you can buy and sell, Zort comes with a wide range of benefits that help various investors looking to capitalize on the crypto market.

The much-anticipated release of Zort is here, and we are eager to announce that users will be able to purchase it on Zort’s website, using MetaMask. Be a part of history and join the Zort community.

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