Blockchain technology has been revolutionary with the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based solutions in different sectors. The internet has largely become a centralized ecosystem that governments and tech corporations control. 

However, blockchain technology has shown the potential to transform this sector by introducing decentralized web hosting. ArGoApp Protocol is leading this charge as one of the first web application hosting and storage aggregation platforms built on decentralized cloud networks. 

ArGoApp provides an alternative to centralized cloud hosting platforms that offer expensive subscription plans and dominate the web hosting industry. On ArGoApp, anyone can build and deploy their ideas without the risks of a centralized entity or government taking down their site or app. 

Solving the centralization problem

The ArGoApp team has also been able to recover from the suspension of its domain by GoDaddy swiftly. The domain registrar claimed that the subdomain had been involved in a phishing attempt and subsequently suspended the primary domain of ArGoApp. 

ArGoApp quickly migrated its assets to two new domains: and The decentralized web hosting platform will also be attaching its landing page to decentralized domains such as HNS and ENS to prevent such occurrences in the future. 

Following the domain suspension, the ArGoApp team has been motivated to aggressively onboard decentralized finance apps and decentralized exchanges to backup its web apps from ArGoApp.

Fast-growing ecosystem

ArGoApp continued to deliver on its promises and roadmap since its launch. Since August, the number of projects deployed on its decentralized web servers has doubled as more developers look to leverage its unique features. Currently, ArGoApp has onboarded 194 projects and 1,800 users on its decentralized web hosting platform. 

The decentralized web hosting platform also raised $1.3 million during a seed funding round earlier in April. The funding round was led by Ascentive Assets and included Alpha Chain, Onchain Capital, Master Ventures, X21 Digital, SevenX Ventures and Innovion. 

Furthermore, ArGoApp integrated two of the top decentralized cloud storage service providers, Arweave and Skynet, into its platform. The two platforms specialize in storing data sets at low prices and are expected to enhance service delivery for web-based applications. In addition, Skynet and Arweave will provide advanced cloud storage options for ArGoApp users. 

ArGoApp also inked a strategic partnership with Namebase, the decentralized domain registrar built on the Handshake blockchain. This development will not only allow users to own a decentralized domain but also build their server website on top of it. 

In addition, ArGoApp released new features that make it easy for developers to deploy their solutions on their web applications. Users can also onboard colleagues or third parties to deploy applications or manage their accounts on ArGoApp. 

ArGoApp launched a testnet with Dai token integration that its native ArGoApp (ARGO) token will eventually replace. ArGoApp has expanded its team from three to 12 members to ensure the success and sustainability of the platform. 

More developments planned for the future

ArGoApp plans to release a full-stack development experience for users. This includes the ability to deploy static files and dynamic websites. There will also be integrations of other protocols of storage and compute layers. 

Furthermore, users will be able to access tools that will increase their development process. This includes deploying ready-made decentralized applications, building and releasing static apps that can be operated using the drag and drop system. 

ArGoApp will also develop a native dedicated marketplace for DApps and add built-in notification systems into its existing products. To learn more about ArGoApp, visit its website and Medium page.