The Arkania platform connects promising new projects with the global crypto community, offering developers a chance to showcase innovative new start-ups to individuals who then have the option to support them from the ground floor. Built on Binance Smart Chain, Arkania will integrate other chains in the future to offer an interoperable token launch experience.

Public-friendly with anti-whale mechanism

With some new projects looking to secure massive sales of their token, it has become a common practice to offer private sales to a select number of large volume buyers, often with no cap on the number of tokens available to each buyer. This formula is sometimes even repeated in the public sale allowing “whales” to purchase a huge amount of tokens and later wield the power to manipulate the market for personal gain. 

The team at Arkania is acutely aware of this and to combat the issue, they have incorporated an anti-whale mechanism in their platform. In combination with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, each user will be allocated one ticket which equates to an equal chance to participate in initial DEX offerings (IDOs) launched on the platform. 

Features and security 

Another user-friendly feature is the 10-day “Cooling Phase” between when a participant wins participation in an IDO and then applied for another. This mechanism brings a level of fairness to the platform, allowing other users to apply for the next project launch. Arkania has integrated the decentralized KYC solutions expertise of Fractal, letting backers keep their sensitive information private but allowing them to clear whitelisting on the Arkania platform. 

While the platform offers an easy way for enthusiasts and backers to get in early on upcoming launches, it does not forgo the quality of the projects. Each project is meticulously tested against set parameters that include project feasibility, long-term viability and a security audit. On the other side of the proverbial coin, it significantly reduces the project listing fee, lowering barriers and friction for projects to get on board the platform.

ANIA: A token for the public

Arkania’s native BEP-20 compliant ANIA token offers investors and enthusiasts a broad range of benefits on the platform, ranging from discounts, special early access to launches, staking rewards and community-powered launchpad (converting into a DAO). The presale tokens will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

 The ANIA token is already live, with presale Round 1 successfully completed. Round 2 timeline is as follows:

  • Whitelisting: Starting on January 8,  2022, 1:00 pm UTC and will continue until Jan. 20.
  • Round 2: Starting from Jan. 21, 1:00 pm UTC, and will run for 48 hours ending on January 23, 2022.
  • Price in round 2: $0.04 per ANIA.
  • Round 2 cap: $1,450,000
  • Allocation per applicant: Minimum $500, maximum $5,000 (anti-whale mechanism).
  • Pancakeswap listing: January 25, 2022.

About Arkania

Developed to address the most pressing problems faced by the crypto community, Arkania is an innovative project backed by a robust team with vast experience in crypto, cybersecurity and smart contract development.

The Arkania platform is dedicated to becoming the solution to growing security risks faced by IDO and token sale participants today. The platform’s ease of listing provides crypto projects with a readily available market of backers and enthusiasts. To learn more about the IDO platform, interested parties can visit the Arkania website.

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