Paris, Feb. 3, 2022 — Artrade, an innovative gasless nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace and social media app, has announced a key partnership with The Blockchain Xdev, the leading and fast-growing blockchain agency from The Blockchain Group, to accelerate its development.

This collaboration with The Blockchain Group focuses on the rapid development of Artrade blockchain technology to promote and pursue the creation of the world’s first NFT app, leveraging The Blockchain Xdev’s extensive technical expertise to catalyze the launch of a new social paradigm in the NFT ecosystem.

By choosing Eniblock, a unique blockchain solution developed by The Blockchain Xdev, Artrade will empower a full experience for its audience while laying the technological foundation of a new, democratic and highly accessible app-based global NFT marketplace.

The NFT marketplace now represents over $27 billion in annual trading volume worldwide but is currently spread across a widely fragmented network of social media-based communities, siloed marketplace platforms, and independent NFT websites and sales platforms.

The Artrade app provides NFT creators and investors with a streamlined, user-friendly app that eliminates the high minting fees, exorbitant commissions, social disconnect and environmental impact of the current NFT marketplace.

“Our primary goal is to provide anybody with the opportunity to become the artist they always wanted to be and participate directly in the NFT revolution through a simple, easy-to-use app. The NFT ecosystem — as it exists today — places serious financial and technical barriers before artists and investors that can prevent them from getting involved,” said Paul Weibel, CEO of Artrade. “We’re excited to partner with The Blockchain Xdev due to the team’s extensive track record in blockchain integration and development.”

“Choosing Eniblock, developed by The Blockchain Xdev, as a strategic blockchain solution is a major milestone for the Artrade project as we focus on redefining the ways through which NFT artists and investors connect, share and trade digital art. We’re passionate about the future of digital art — using the Eniblock platform allows us to connect NFT creators and collectors in a transparent, democratic and eco-friendly way.”

Charles Kremer, CEO of The Blockchain Xdev, said, “Eniblock platform integrates all the services and technologies that allow Web3 creators, entrepreneurs or agencies to create their own NFT applications. I am delighted with this collaboration with the promising and ambitious Artrade project, which represents a major milestone in our ambition to contribute to the democratization of NFTs in all sectors.”

The Artrade app establishes the future of the NFT marketplace as a highly social, dynamic ecosystem. Art enthusiasts and NFT investors discover, follow and interact with NFT artists via a simple, user-friendly app interface that offers numerous features. It includes live NFT minting, instant social media sharing, fiat currency and crypto payments, and cross-chain functionality on a single mainstream, carbon-neutral platform.

About The Blockchain Group

The Blockchain Group is a global umbrella organization of engineers and entrepreneurs with the end mission to create a blockchain-powered ecosystem that allows businesses to harness the power of decentralized energy through its various divisions.

The Blockchain Xdev is a leading and fast-growing blockchain agency specialized in guiding clients of all sectors in making the most of decentralization technology no matter the Web3 project. Eniblock is its all-in-one modular platform to compose, build, run, scale and migrate blockchain solutions adapted to users’ business needs.

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About Artrade

Artrade is an innovative gasless NFT marketplace and social media app designed specifically for the NFT community in collaboration with NFT artists, investors and communities. Artrade focuses on pushing NFT art and artists into the mainstream by providing a fully-realized NFT marketplace that allows anybody to create NFTs directly from their smartphone, pay in fiat currency and cryptocurrency, manage digital assets in an internal wallet and custody function, and interact with other platform users via a wide range of social features and social media integration.

Artrade’s ongoing token sale event has raised more than $5.2 million to date, with round three of the Artrade initial coin offering live from Jan. 21, 2022, to Feb. 21, 2022.

More information on Artrade is available via Artrade.App, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Telegram.