Arvalex is an Avalanche-based protocol for nonfungible token (NFT) trading and services exchange built on an automated market maker (AMM) protocol. The Arvalex protocol has announced its public launch on the Avalanche blockchain network. The Metaverse token, AVRL, which prides itself on being the next-generation protocol “built to enhance ease of commerce and other related transactions in the metaverse,” is powered by and built on the Avalanche blockchain. 

The Avalanche blockchain, which has been proved to be robust, is a first point of call, as it boasts 4,500 transactions per second (TPS) with less than a three-second finality. It is built to serve as the common means of exchange in the Metaverse to reduce the confusion associated with the proliferation of multiple tokens. It provides a common protocol that services other platforms, enabling users to swap between coin A and coin B or different tokens easily without all the issues and gatekeepers generally associated with such a procedure. 

Use cases in NFT space 

Arvalex is creating a truly decentralized and fully democratized yet robust NFT platform where digital creators can turn their photos, ideas and music and paintings into NFTs while also enabling creators to receive royalties on their art and exchange various services. This will, in turn, enable people to own their work and exchange services and art with others without incurring the risks of inflation, deprecation or extreme gas fees. NFTs will also then benefit from a dynamic pricing structure on the blockchain. 

Arvalex’s NFT platform will usher in a new system of creation and exchange, enabling creators to: 

  • Call on their huge following (those with a substantial amount of followers) to participate and buy into the ideas and the products they love early in the process of creation. 
  • Earn all of the value they’ve created by selling their goods as NFTs at a dynamic price. 
  • Use as a currency on our soon-to-be-launched open marketplace to pay for services rendered by freelancers or buy art (NFTs). 
  • Use our staking pool to earn interest on their savings with us. 
  • Use our open software platform to convert NFTs from different platforms to others — e.g., transferring NFTs from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum through our platform. 
  • Build other decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on our protocol. 

The advantages of the Arvalex token ecosystem 

  • It is powered by the Avalanche blockchain, which has been proved to be extremely fast. Participants, therefore, have access to the blazing speed of Avalanche with our protocol built on top of it. Transactions are confirmed in seconds. 
  • Users can deploy NFTs and other DeFi solutions that fit their own application needs, build on top of our protocol and reap all the benefits provided by our platform while retaining full control of their project. 
  • They can earn rewards on our liquidity pool by staking without any risk of losing funds or not getting the commensurate rewards. 
  • Users will enjoy transactional thorough-put greater than 4,500 TPS, with a proof-of-stake Sybil protection and an 83% parameterized safety threshold. 


The distribution of Arvalex tokens has been carefully designed to create a decentralized, community-driven DeFi protocol that is not controlled by a small group of actors. A total amount of 50 million Arvalex tokens will be minted and will be distributed in three different stages. 

  • At the presale stage, 1 AVRL will be sold for 0.000376 AVAX (1 AVRL = $0.03).
  • At the public sale stage, 1 AVRL will be sold for 0.0015 AVAX.

The Arvalex token presale is active 

Users can be one of the early adopters of the AVRL tokens by participating in the ongoing token presale. Visit our website and click on the presale link to participate in the first-phase sale. 

About Arvalex

With a growing ecosystem of decentralized financial products, NFT platform and several features already planned for future release, Arvalex is not just another DeFi protocol but, rather, an innovative project to look out for. 

The Arvalex NFT marketplace is almost complete and is expected to be the next game-changing platform for creators and speculators, much like the current players. 

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