Asec Project promotes projects aimed at improving social problems and reducing disparities in Asia. The announcement of this new business plan has started to attract attention from around the world. 

Two topics have attracted people’s attention. The first one is Dr. Kasae Chanawongse and the other is a human resources distribution platform for the medical industry.

Dr. Krasae is a successful doctor in Thailand and has held important positions such as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Presidential Office. He is known as “the favorite politician of the Thai people” for helping socially vulnerable groups. He is also gaining influence as a business leader who is highly credible. In addition, the new business planned to be launched this fall is interesting.

A groundbreaking initiative to improve Asia’s critical medical system is in place and a smart approach that combines its resources with blockchain technology is planned. Asec Project’s cooperation with Thailand’s leading public medical institutions is steadily expanding and expectations are rising for future growth from investors. 

Asec Project has issued a cryptocurrency named “Asec coin” and was listed on Singapore’s cryptocurrency exchange AlterDice in 2019.

Dr. Krasae’s thoughts for the future

Dr. Krasae devoted half of his life to reducing disparities and has many achievements to prove this. In 1973, He received the Ramon Magsaysay Award, known as the Asian Nobel Prize, for contributing to the development of regional medicine. He also received the highest honor, the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun, given by the emperor of Japan. He established the Dr. Krasae Foundation to provide a learning place for underprivileged children. Since 1986, he has also independently established an Asian poverty and disaster relief organization. Even after retiring as a politician, he has been devoted to helping vulnerable groups for about 35 years.

Dr. Krasae described Asec Project as “a next-generation poverty alleviation activity that will be passed to future generations” at the Asec Project conference in 2019. Dr. Krasae said, “We would like to utilize new technology to solve social problems that cause disparities such as medical care, education, and so on.”

Announcement of a new business plan to reduce medical disparities

Asec Project originated at the end of 2016. From 2017 to 2018, we succeeded in raising funds using the Asec coin. In 2020, we started “Medical Leaders Thailand” to reduce the medical disparities in Thailand.

Asec Project is currently building on a professional database while developing information distribution services for healthcare professionals via a high-performance mobile application. Asec Project also established a cooperation relationship with Thailand’s public medical institutions, Siriraj Hospital and BDMS Group. Asec also signed a partnership with the world-famous medical information distribution company Medical Tribune.

In the fall of 2021, Asec Project will announce that it would develop a new medical service called HR distribution service that connects medical professionals and companies based on the database built by Medical Leaders Thailand.

The business plan explains the market background and business model, and also easily demonstrates that the business meets social needs. The plan to form a token economy using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payment is an exciting announcement for Asec coin holders.

Asec Project’s business plan: 

The business aimed at solving medical problems in Asia

Asia has a comparatively high turnover rate and an increased flow of human resources in the world.

However, due to the impact of COVID-19, medical systems face the critical problems of human resources in Asia. The reason is the lack of quality services that connect recruiting companies and job seekers. Asec Project’s database will provide hospitals and medical companies with services that can efficiently secure the “human resources” and help job seekers find better employment conditions. Asec Foundation Thailand can increase the efficiency of matching both sides while increasing the number of recruiting companies and registers and expanding profitability by management as an intermediary.

Asec Project plans on the premise of global development. As Asec Project is being developed in Thailand and Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia, it is highly appropriate to use blockchain and cryptocurrency for cross-border employment contracts and international payments.

Many global blockchain projects have low business feasibility, and many plans only focus on “technology.” Asec Project forms realistic business plans based on “social needs.”

Launch scheduled in the fall of 2021

Asec Project is growing the database to start this business. Additionally, it plans to increase members exponentially by expanding the target group of acquired members not only to doctors but also to nurses, pharmacists and medical technicians.

Asec Project’s medical HR distribution platform will be a bridge that effectively connects medical institutions and healthcare professionals.

The grand idea of poverty alleviation. The contribution of the medical industry business plan. The original concept of the medical and blockchain business in Asia.

Asec Project’s real value will be revealed from now, please look forward to our development in the near future.


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