Play-2-Earn Hybrid Expo Asia, the world’s first event focused specifically on the play-to-earn industry for businesses, is to be held this year in Bangkok from Aug. 10 to 13 both at W Hotel Bangkok and in the Metaverse. With more than 250 in-person and up to 2,000 virtual attendees expected from all around the world, the expo will bring together the entire ecosystem of the P2E industry, from guilds, venture capitalists and game developers to exchanges, launchpads and key opinion leaders.

With a direct approach to connecting the most experienced individuals and companies and building a strong P2E community, the expo stands out by focusing entirely on a business-to-business approach rather than being consumer-centric. 

What to expect at P2E Hybrid Expo Asia 

The three-day program will present an immersive experience, with more than 50 speakers participating in panel discussions to share their insights and experiences. Each day will end with an evening of networking at a unique location across the city, including at W Bangkok’s very own House of Sathorn featuring welcome drinks on the first night. The second night will be at one of Bangkok’s trendiest rooftop bars, Tichuca Bar, and the event will close with a pool party at W Bangkok’s Wet Deck on the last night. 

A business-matching portal will be provided for all attendees one month prior to the event, enabling them to request meetings with other attendees to nurture connections and synergies for partnerships. With virtual booths of sponsors in tow, the hybrid component of P2E Expo will ensure virtual attendees from around the world will have access to all the insights being shared.

The play-to-earn industry in 2022 

Play-2-Earn Hybrid Expo Asia comes at a significant time for the P2E industry, which took off just a year ago. Despite being in its early stages, a huge number of game projects have raised significant funding, and the concept of play-to-earn has evolved into play-to-earn and move-to-earn. There is a significant shift for traditional game developers to join the Web3 movement, which demonstrates P2E as an industry itself making a real impact and empowering third-world countries.

The P2E industry being in its early phases of development provides all the more reason to attend, connect and share insights with those in the same field to strengthen the community and the industry. Environmental conditions such as today’s bear market further underscores the need for the P2E industry to evolve and find the perfect balance to self-sustain and grow.

Pitch competition winner to be awarded up to $1,000,000

An impressive lineup of judges from the P2E space will be on site at the event, including venture capitalists and guilds such as DFG/Jsquare, Enjin Starter, Faculty Group, Tokocrypto, Openspace ventures, SeaX Ventures and YGG Sea. Game projects can submit their white paper to the website to be shortlisted and invited to pitch. With a total of eight pitches by game developers, the pitch competition at P2E Hybrid Expo Asia is one of the most coveted parts of the event program, especially with more attention being paid to new games emerging in the market.

The future of Play-2-Earn Hybrid Expo Asia

Play-2-Earn Hybrid Expo Asia stays true to its mission of empowering the P2E ecosystem, and is looking to host the expo throughout the next year, with the second expo planned for early 2023 in the exciting destination of Bali, Indonesia. Bali is widely known for playing host to a surge of Web3 and blockchain residences from those flying in from around the world, so it will be the perfect spot to kickstart 2023 for the P2E community.

Registration is open now. Early bird tickets are available until June 18.