FutureMoney Group, an asset management platform, recently announced its acquisition of Clipper Advisor’s transaction department.

“Creating a standardized financial platform has always been our vision,” FutureMoney Group co-founder said in a statement. "The acquisition of Clipper Advisor further advances FutureMoney's vision of becoming a compliant digital currency asset management platform."

Clipper Advisor is a pioneering fintech firm that uses cutting-edge technology to provide wealth management and investment banking services. It began as the first Robo-Advisor in China, bringing online private banking services to the mass affluent. It also launched Clipper Axis Digital Asset Fund, the first hedge fund regulated under Hong Kong’s Securities and Future Commission’s digital asset framework. The acquisition essentially allows FutureMoney to offer global institutional investors early access to the emerging crypto asset class. By the acquisition completed, FutureMoney is ready to launch its first Bitcoin trust product in Asia.

Mr. Liu Zhen, the founder of Clipper Advisor, spent more than two decades on Wall St., managing multiple global hedge funds with proven records. He Joined E Fund as the head of Index and Quantitative Investment in 2009 and launched the first ever hedge fund in China in 2010, managing over $10 billion in assets. As a veteran with rich experience and who has made significant achievements in traditional quantitative investment and crypto asset management, he will enrich FutureMoney Group's overall quantitative trading capabilities and the design capabilities for derivatives.

FutureMoney is a digital currency asset management company established in 2017. Focusing on fund management, quantitative analysis, and blockchain technology research, it has received more than 10 million US dollars in investment from China Bridge Capital, one of China’s top private equities. It operates blockchain investment fund FMV, the quantitative trading engine Mobius, and Huihe Asset Management Corporation, a fully-licensed asset management company. As of now, it manages around 300 million US dollars in assets. Committed to building a compliant financial asset management platform, FutureMoney actively promotes supervision and compliance business on digital assets around the globe and plans to provide a fast and secure channel for digital currency investments.