In the blockchain world, all transactions are trustless. The promotion of digital assets, whether it is a nonfungible token, a token or a decentralized application, is still done in the traditional way. 

Referral marketing still uses platforms that are not on a blockchain. This means that these transactions are not trustless — promoters are dependent on a platform or website to act as an intermediary.

Attrace (ATTR) live on Uniswap v3 

The Attrace token (ATTR) is now live on the Uniswap exchange. The total market supply of ATTR is 1 billion. The token address of ATTR is: 0x44e2dec86b9f0e0266e9aa66e10323a2bd69cf9a.

Attrace’s initial DEX offering launch was accompanied by the world’s first decentralized referral campaign

The first referral program that went live on the network was the Attrace IDO referral. Attrace incentivized the promotion and participation in the IDO by engaging the community and also showcasing the capability of the referral network to the crypto ecosystem. Attrace is a decentralized referral marketing network in Web 3.0

The Web 2.0 advertising market is a $455-billion industry

The rapidly growing online advertising market will have increased to $655 billion by 2024. A growing share of that advertising market will go to the performance-based part of the industry — in other words, referral marketing.

Attrace is building the standard for all performance-based marketing on any blockchain in the tokenized economy. Any DApp, NFT, IDO or decentralized exchange can be promoted in a completely decentralized and trustless environment via the referral network Attrace has developed.