The volatility of the cryptocurrency market often causes individuals looking to invest to face challenges, such as bringing inconsistent profits should their trading decisions not go according to plan. Alongside this uncertainty comes the conflicting emotions that one may experience while engaging in trades with the possibility of losing a significant portion of their capital. What if there was a way to trade and profit autonomously without needing to do anything? Designed to take advantage of the lucrative cryptocurrency market, Zort Technologies reveals its fully autonomous trading platform to the public after being in development for over six years.

About the technology

By utilizing years of historical price patterns guided by data-rich neural nets, Zort was built to remove human bias and irrationality in trading by leveraging the power of neural networks. Developed with the goal of profitability, Zort is also a risk-management system. With its built-in dynamic stop-loss network, the best traders in the world are taking advantage of this feature.


Why choose Zort

Are you interested in investing in cryptocurrency but have no experience with trading? Connect to Zort, a platform designed to compound profits entirely and autonomously at a large scale and also welcomes both new and experienced traders. Furthermore, investors no longer need to manually plan out their trades, as Zort will do this all for you in a matter of seconds. Zort’s trading platform is a complete user-controlled system where users can pause, delete and remove Zort’s connection anytime they wish. Equally important, individuals get charged a small fee only when trades are successful.


Tim Collins said:

“My pre-Zort crypto life was irrational, emotional and exhausting. As an inexperienced retail investor playing with my personal savings, I basically just lost money and sleep by trading crypto. Since I got Zorted, I still get the rush of trading in the crypto space, but with 100% certainty now that my assets are being looked after 24/7 by artificial intelligence technology that is way better at this than I am. I love that I have 100% control over my assets at all times, and just by observing the Zort AI and the decisions it makes, I have come to understand so much about how trading crypto works. I have developed better personal trading habits and can provide sound advice to my friends, supported by Zort. There is literally nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting Zorted.”

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