Dubai, UA — AXL decentralized exchange (DEX) has announced the date for its token pre-sale, starting on December 18, 2021. AXL is a DEX with smart routing on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that supports staking, liquidity providing, lending, borrowing, launching initial DEX offerings (IDOs,) nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and yield farming. The pre-sale will end on December 28, 2021.

During the pre-sale, all participants will have the chance to purchase the native token AXL. However, they can only access the tokens they purchased during the pre-sale only after the sale. The pre-sale will take place in two phases: will host the first sale as a public sale and ETHPad and BSCPad will host the second phase as a private sale.

AXL network will permit handlers to use the in-house NFT network to mint their NFT or acquire their NFT. As a matter of fact, AXL Inu’s platform offers about ten thousand collectible partners, 20 ELONs and 80 ZOMBIES, and holders may stake their AXLs in staking pools and get transaction fees and rewards.

How to get AXL

Select network

Participants can find AXL on both BSC and Ethereum networks. Decide on the network between Ethereum and BSC, and choose “DROP DOWN MENU” and “Same as in toolbar,” respectively, to participate in the AXL pre-sale.

Create a MetaMask wallet

As earlier stated, the AXL token is available on the Ethereum blockchain and MetaMask is a third-party ERC-20 browser wallet. Users can download MetaMask’s app for Android or iPhone on a mobile device. On Google Chrome, they can visit to download the extension and then set up a wallet.

Transfer either BNB or ETH to MetaMask or TrustWallet

Participants can get Binance Coin (BNB) or Ether (ETH) via MetaMask, or send it to their MetaMask wallet address from another wallet. They can use Binance or Coinbase exchange.

Click on pre-sale

At this point, users can swap BNB or ETH to AXL on pre-sale over on AXL’s official website. 

Note: Pre-Sale supports only BNB or ETH.

Swap BNB or ETH to AXL

Users can click on the connected wallet. Enter the amount of BNB or ETH they’d like to swap for AXL. Then click Swap.

Claim AXL

After the end of the pre-sale, all participants can then lay claim to their AXL from the pre-sale page.


The native token of AXL (AXL) is based on the BNB or ERC-20 token standard. It’s important to mention that there’s going to be 100 billion total supplies of AXL tokens, of which twenty-five percent will be accessible during the pre-sale.

To add further, during the pre-sale, users will have the option to buy AXL at a fixed price of about $0.00075 per 1 AXL.

Token distribution

  • 30% Staking rewards 
  • 25% Pre-sale
  • 6.5% Locked incentives
  • 20% Centralized exchange (CEX) reserved
  • 15% DEX liquidity
  • 1% Airdrop
  • 2.5% Team locked for three years

About AXL

AXL is a decentralized exchange having smart routing on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum that gives backing to the following: staking, yield farming, launching IDOs, liquidity providing, NFT minting and lending and borrowing.

AXL commences with the main token of the ecosystem AXL and ends with Axlsas, the network’s reward token. Since the system is decentralized, users gain from the automation, security and speed it offers.

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Contact Person: Reem Fawzy, CMO