Dubai, UAE, Dec. 6, 2021 — The Axl token presale will finally go live soon. Participants will get the chance to secure tokens and will only be able to access what they purchase at the end of the sale. The presale will take place in two phases.


The Axl token is the native currency of the AXL project. Axl is a decentralized exchange based on a smart chain routing that supports both the Ethereum chain and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Users who have digital assets on either platform can make their trades without switching from one platform to the other, which helps reduce operational costs. Users also have the option to switch from one blockchain to another.

The exchange will support liquidity providing, yield farming, staking, launching initial DEX offerings (IDO), nonfungible tokens (NFT), and lending and borrowing.

Although Axl will be the native token of the platform, it will be used as the system’s reward token. The AXL tokens can be used for trading on the AXL decentralized exchange (DEX). Since cross-chain interoperability is allowed, the tokens can be used on either blockchain.

Through the AXL platform, users can access the NFT platform for a chance to mint their NFT or get an opportunity to buy their favorite NFT. The ecosystem features up to 10,000 unique collectible characters that AXL Inu inspires. They contain 20 Dogelon Mars (ELON) and 80 zombies.

AXL will provide liquidity to market makers. That means that when market makers give assets to the platform, they obtain a reward in return in the form of AXL tokens. Most of the time, market makers realize an income from the trading fees.

Yield farming is an income-generating activity for platform users. They can lock up assets in a liquidity pool for a certain period in yield farming using smart contracts and then obtain a share of the yield, a portion of the transaction fees or interest from lenders or governance tokens.

The platform has a staking option where AXL holders can stake the tokens in the staking pools and receive rewards and transaction fees. When the presale is over, four staking pools will be available, which will be distributed fairly between Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. Users will either stake AXL and obtain it as a reward or stake AXL Uniswap LP tokens or PancakeSwap LP tokens in return for AXL tokens.

The DEX option is not an ordinary one, as there is a DEX aggregator that will help users secure the best prices for their trades. When a trader places an order, it is split across several DEXs and the liquidity pool to ensure the trader gets the best deal.

Since the system is decentralized, there are fewer intermediaries, so users will enjoy speed, automation and security. Connecting lenders and borrowers will be seamless, which helps in earning rewards.

Through the platform’s IDO launchpad, AXL Pad, different crypto projects will launch IDOs and distribute tokens. Various projects will have to access AXL tokens since these are the ecosystem’s native currency.

Users can buy AXL at a fixed rate of $0.00075 per single AXL during the presale. The presale will only support Ether (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB). All AXL purchases can be accessed at the end of the presale. The token has a total supply of 100 billion, and only 25% of it will be available during the presale.

To participate, one has to decide on a preferred network, either Ethereum or BSC. A MetaMask wallet is then needed to receive ETH or BNB. These can be swapped for the AXL token.

About AXL

Axl is a decentralized exchange located on Ethereum and BSC, with an ecosystem that features liquidity-providing pools, a yield farming program, a staking program, a launching IDO, NFT minting, and a lending and borrowing platform.

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