As the DeFi market warms up again, more projects and decentralized exchanges are showing up on the stage. According to CoinGecko, the DeFi crypto market capitalization for today is $98.7 billion, with a total trading volume of $9.9 billion in the last 24 hours, and the total value locked of DeFi coins is $106.4 billion. With so many options to distribute your funds, where should decentralized finance participants put their liquidity to earn more profits? BabySwap gives the answer.

All tokens are welcome

BabySwap’s introduction says it is the best AMM and NFT decentralized exchange for new Binance Smart Chain projects. It uses an initial liquidity offering to attract funds to BabySwap, which is quite unique and successful. BabySwap’s ILO means users need to add ALT-USDT liquidity to the ILO pool from June 1 14:00 UTC to June 2 14:00 UTC in BabySwap to earn BABY’s initial offering according to its share of pool. BabySwap has 252 different tokens available for ILO, with an extremely high APR between 200% to 3,000%. Participants have shared 10,000,000 BABY in total, with the initial price of $0.1. Since the time period is short, the impermanent loss can be ignored, and some of the participants even earned more after they unstaked the liquidity providers.

The purpose of the ILO

According to BabySwap, the main purpose of the ILO is as follow:

  1. Attract more traffic: As a new DEX, it is important to have a grand opening. An ILO can draw people’s attention to BabySwap and lead them to experience the full process of adding liquidity and staking. In addition, it will be easier for them to stake in BabySwap’s farm and pool after the ILO.
  2. Maximize your token’s value: Many have altcoins, but the original purchase price might be way higher than the current price due to the huge dump in the crypto market. BabySwap wants to increase its profit by encouraging them to participate in the ILO.
  3. Bring attention to newborn or small projects: BabySwap focuses on “baby projects” and aims to let people understand the value of outstanding projects.

Next move

BabySwap has opened 28 farms and one pool (stake BABY, earn BABY) after the ILO with an extremely high APR. 

With a steady operation and smart innovations, BABY’s price will be increased in a healthy way. Users who have the above tokens in other BSC DEXs or Binance will have a higher return by providing liquidity in BabySwap.

BABY’s price

The initial price of BABY is $0.1. The price increased from $0.1 to $0.4 in a short period of time around 15:00 on June 2 UTC and suddenly dropped back below $0.1. This is common for tokens new to the market since many investors may dump their tokens immediately instead of waiting for future increases. However, surprisingly, the price then went back above $0.1 and continually increased to $0.19, which was almost 2x of the initial price. It turns out that BabySwap’s farms and its pool have successfully attracted people’s attention: Many kept buying in and then staked BABY into farms or our pool. Investors believe in the future increase of BABY, and there are reasons behind it.

Investors have compared BABY to PancakeSwap’s CAKE ($19) and BakerySwap’s BAKE ($4). Thus, there is a 40x–190x increase for BABY to run. On the other hand, compared to the market cap of CAKE (around $3 billion) and BAKE ($670 million), BABY only has a circulating market cap of $100 million after the ILO, which also gives BABY space to grow.

According to BabySwap’s operating strategy, nonfungible token moves and even user interface, it is not hard to tell that it is doing the best it can to help new projects and have a long-term steady operation. Besides, BabySwap has passed CertiK’s audit, and its code is open-sourced on GitHub