In the head of everyone who follows the crypto market, the thought was carried: to return to the past and buy bitcoins at the price of gum. The project BeeNode gives this opportunity. Today niche of mining cryptocurrencies occupied by industrial giants with ASIC-farms on thousands of square meters, the ICO is often conducted in a closed offstage, and exchange is being terrorized by pumpers.

The BeeNode coin embodies the spirit of free Internet and financial independence. The project absorbed the advantages of the best coins, but avoided the repetition of common failures.

ASIC Miners Will Not Pass

Beenode has no pre-mining, and the HoneyComb algorithm developed from scratch protects the project from ASIC miners. Anyone can take out farms on video cards or an old PC from the pantry and start mining BeeNode. If you do not like the farm: in the network BeeNode emission occurs not only through Proof of Work, but also through Proof of Stake — buy coins and earn on their multiplication and price growth.

We believe in growth, because the growth is based on the interest of the audience, and here we have tried our best— the threshold of entry is extremely low, everyone can start mining and earn, even a person without experience. Now most miners suffer from the fact that there is nothing to mine — almost all interesting coins are mined on ASIC devices, and BeeNode does not allow this.

Become Part Of The Hive

The BeeNode project has plans to develop its own ecosystem consisting of an investment Fund, a cryptocurrency exchange and other tools that help to extract the maximum benefit from the cryptocurrency.

In the BeeNode network, everyone is free to become a part of the hive, benefit the common interests and achieve personal financial freedom side by side with millions of like-minded people. This openness guarantees an inflow of private investment, which means — profitability for large investors too.

Beenode announcement at Bitcointalk forum.

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