"With the expansion of the ecology, the BRC with constant total amount of coins will continue to gain value, promote the sustainable prosperity and development of the ecosystem, and make an orderly interaction with everything under the chain, resisting entropy increasing and becoming dissipative structure in closed seal.."

In the description of Baer Chain's own ecological construction, the last sentence deeply touched me.

For any active system, entropy increase is a fact that has to be faced. The ecosystem created by Baer Chain has no exception. The fact that the blockchain industry faces is that its own technical traits lead to a system that is extremely closed, and such endogenous traits often affect the constituent elements of the community, as well as the closed and single characteristics. The consequence of closure and unity is the acceleration of entropy, which eventually leads to the collapse of the entire ecology.

Therefore, Baer Chain actively breaks the closed nature of the blockchain through MEP activities, and attracts more teams outside the blockchain industry to join the ecological, which is the most effective way to resist entropy increasing. The formation of a dissipative structure will enable an ecology to have the potential for infinite growth and expansion, and it is precisely because  Baer Chain's ecology can smoothly enter the million-scale and continue to expand its influence.

Just because the cookies which exist in the main network architecture of Baer Chain can only be transferred among them, through this, cookies will be able to form a cross-complement with BRC and the value will grow together. The BRC is responsible for the Baer Chain ecology and the outside world, while the Cookie is responsible for the internal interaction of the Baer Chain ecosystem itself. Based on those setting, they will fully show the advantages of both BRC and cookie.

A simple example would show that when the value of the BRC increase (actually, it is now rapidly increasing), it will attract more participants to join the Baer Chain ecosystem, while the increase of ecology participants also means an increase in the internal demand for the ecology, which will promote the value of the cookie raise. Further, because cookies are not tokens, they will not withstand fluctuations and shocks in the cryptocurrency market and will be more stable and continue to appreciate in the future.

We can optimistically estimated that the value of the 29 million Genesis cookie with a 1:1 benchmark BRC will flow in the Baer Chain ecosystem after the mainet launched, and its value will surely usher in a long-term and explosive growth. The Baer Chain Ecology, which has a good internal and external circulation mechanism, will naturally be infinitely active.

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