Today, we primarily see the traditional banking system as a relic of the past, which used to limit us in our attempts to build a new world. But what if we took the best practices of the financial industry and redesigned them for the new era of digital money?


This is what HEXN has done to the deposit system. The idea of lending money to some entity at an interest rate is alluring — you do nothing while your money works for you. So, why give up on it?

In crypto, passive income was only associated with hodling and staking, until recently. In the first case, your money is idle; in the second, the coin selection is very limited. To address this problem, the HEXN platform was created.

HEXN.IO is a crypto lending platform that unites habitual and advanced approaches to money lending to help people make their crypto work. The company offers a wide selection of 48 cryptocurrencies, high interest rates (up to 22% APY at the moment), and regular weekly payouts.

One of HEXN’s distinctive features is that it offers a wide range of stablecoins for those who do not want to take risks trying to capitalize on volatile crypto assets during this severe winter but also do not want to keep money in fiat and trust government-owned banks.

Instant payouts

HEXN’s new Advance Payment feature allows you to get part of your interest income right after you open a savings account.


On the platform, certain coins are marked with a green badge, which indicates that Advance Payment is available for the asset.

You make a deposit on the platform, and the estimated interest income for the next 30 days immediately arrives in your account. The longer your deposit term, the higher your interest rate, and the more money you can get now.

Transparency first

The distinctive feature of HEXN.IO is that the company avoids allocations among low-liquid counterparties or counterparties that have exposure to low-liquid tokens and assets.


The company also decided to disclose information about its reserves. It has already revealed data on its Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Tether (USDT) balances, and intends to launch the proof-of-reserves page on its website in the coming days.

More to come

The company has big plans to bring more innovative offerings to the crypto world: Loans services and trading bots are currently in development, while the smart exchange feature is at a pre-release stage. Subscribe to HEXN.IO on social media to keep up with the latest updates and special offers!

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