Barginex, the Bitcoin Margin Exchange, has announced its “Welcome Bonus” campaign where new users have the opportunity to strengthen their investment portfolio in various ways with up to $100 in their trade balance. The campaign will begin on Wednesday, December 4th at 12am GMT and users who have registered successfully will have their account credited within 5 days.

“Barginex’s focus has always been centered around community oriented service.”

Barginex is an impressive cryptocurrency margin trading platform that was established in 2018 and has an array of exciting features to awe its user base. The exchange comes equipped with 24/7 deposit and withdrawal services, negative balance protection, as well as copy trade features on top of its blockchain based security system. This system includes - Hydro Raindrop 2FA security system and Civic Key integration but the user does have the option of using Google 2FA. When talking about trading on the platform, Barginexs instant trade position makes sure the trade happens immediately regardless of size. Users can open positions in stock, cryptocurrency, forex and index markets with over 50 pairs and is done so by depositing BTC. Barginex’s focus has always been centered around community oriented service and they always are looking for ways to push the boundaries in customer satisfaction and has recently released a brand new user interface to allow for the best trading experience out there.

Bitcoin Deposit and Withdraw 24/7

Users of Barginex platform can deposit or withdraw their cryptocurrency anytime, 24/7. The system enables users to deposit or withdraw their assets without the need for any centralized approval, only the blockchain itself.

Trade like the best with Barginex’s Copy Trade Feature

With Barginex’s advanced Copy Trade feature, automatically do the best trades by copy trading the best traders on the platform. With an intuitive UI, users will be able to select the prominent trader they wish to shadow and start mirroring their trading patterns.

$100 Registration Bonus For Extremely Generous Welcome Campaign

For each new account opened and confirmed after the launch of the campaign, Barginex will issue a $20 welcome bonus into the users trade balance. This bonus can be leveraged and turned into profits without any need to make a deposit onto the site. Profits realized from this welcome bonus are able to be withdrawn at the users request although the $20 bonus may not be transferred of withdrawn and may only be used for margin trading.

All users who deposit a minimum of 0.15 BTC are eligible to claim $80 as a deposit bonus instantly into their account. Barginex will deposit the funds into the users trading balance and the user will have the option to use the funds for trading. The profits made off of the deposit bonus are eligible for withdrawal by the user at anytime.

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