The Cardano blockchain has seen dramatic improvements this year. It has proven to be secure and scalable after the Alonzo hard fork back in September, which brought smart-contract capabilities and saw many projects being launched on the Cardano ecosystem — one of them being BashoSwap.

BashoSwap is a Cardano-based decentralized exchange (DEX) that will allow trades between Cardano (ADA) and other Cardano-based crypto assets.

BashoSwap will be holding its second AMA — Ask Me Anything — interview on Cardano Daily, a Cardano-focused community, to shed more light on BashoSwap’s vision and development progress. 

The platform was founded by Beri Ardas, a blockchain entrepreneur with years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry and backed by a seasoned, full-stack development team.

With the current Milkomeda mainnet launch, the Bashoswap team is already exploring the opportunities of building a multichain DEX that will make it possible to trade Ethereum and Binance-based tokens on Cardano.

Utilizing Milkomeda, BashoSwap will bring together existing functionalities on other blockchains, such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap, and repurpose them for the Cardano blockchain.

BashoSwap, according to its white paper, is developing disruptive decentralized apps and protocols for the Cardano ecosystem that will include permissionless on-chain staking, liquidity provisioner (LP) toking, lending and governance protocols tailored specifically for the Cardano ecosystem that will be powered by the BASH token. 

BASH, BashoSwap’s utility token, can be used in various ways by the community, including staking, farming BASH and governance. 

Cardano tokens can be traded, liquidity can be added to generate LP fees, and a launchpad for Cardano startups will be available at the platform’s launch. 

Early adopters can join BASH’s private token sale round, which has seen more than 1,600 investors subscribing to be whitelisted, to buy the BashoSwap utility token before it goes public.

Interested users can visit the BashSwap private-round whitelist page to secure a whitelist spot. 

About BashoSwap

Behind the BashoSwap project is a team of experienced developers and project managers. The core founding team is composed of developers and crypto enthusiasts with a deep understanding of native assets, smart contracts on Cardano and the overall blockchain ecosystem.

Visit the website to learn more.