A private funding round of $100,000 is going to help to drive the marketing of not only Bear Games’ initial NFT offering but also its first DeFi NFT gaming DApp idea, Bear Navy vs. Pirates.

DeFi and NFT gaming platform Bear Games announced on Feb. 14 that it had completed a $100,000-private funding round. The funds raised will help to develop further what the decentralized platform describes as the “Games and Gain” gaming platform.

Bear Games envisions itself to be the biggest decentralized finance and cryptocurrency gaming platform for online entertainment. Bear Games will keep launching multiple blockchain-based games to innovate and disrupt while offering players several means of earning cryptocurrencies, termed “gains.”

The games-and-gains model features a sustainable play-to-earn principle that issues a share of revenue as fungible token rewards available to its VIP PAW NFT cardholders rather than using the play-to-mine model that saturate the platform with players. The Bear Games team sees the promising future of nonfungible tokens and believes they haven’t reached their full potential on the blockchain.

To make NFTs an essential part of the DeFi gaming economy is to ensure that they can generate rewards in the form of fungible tokens for their holders. With the help of metadata stored in the VIP PAW NFT cards, the Bear Games gaming contract can keep track of a player’s cost of entry, ensuring the player can earn enough to recoup their cost of playing, plus some additional return on investment for the sake of sustainability. Although in future airdrop gaming token cases, the rewards can continue infinitely. A player’s earnings in the VIP PAW NFT cards will depend on gaming actions and events rather than entry costs.

The merging of NFTs and DeFi is a vital collaboration that can be key to adopting DeFi, NFTs and crypto gaming worldwide. It has the potential to make everything more interesting in the NFT ecosystem when it comes down to NFT liquidity.

Bear Games is pushing for gaming interoperability by building a platform where gamers can play games and receive rewards in the form of fungible tokens stored in NFTs. Like cryptocurrencies before them, NFTs are redefining how the world thinks and exchanges value. And with the pending release of an NFT-enabled game. Bear Games is excited to be innovating in the nonfungible token ecosystem. Its future roadmap includes a decentralized gaming economy wherein gamers can trade, purchase and auction NFTs and gaming cryptocurrency assets across different blockchains.

Bear Games’ initial NFT offering is a dual token sale where contributors receive an ERC-721 and ERC-20 token. Contributors of Bear Games’ initial NFT offering launching Feb. 19 will receive VIP PAW NFTs and Bear tokens, the platform’s governance token.

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