“We are not the architects of human society; we are the weavers of the rule-autonomy network. Our mission is to pursue the eternity of the digital world.” 

In a previous article written by the co-founder and CEO Felix Xu, we announced that Bella Foundation is launching the Bella Ecosystem Fund, dedicated mainly to decentralized finance (DeFi), nonfungible tokens (NFTs), Web 3.0 and metaverse infrastructure.

In this article, we laid out the following theses that we firmly believe in: 

  • Code governance is a pathway back to the laws of nature

  • The boundary between virtual/digital and real is gradually blurring, and the value of real rights will be redefined.

  • Incomplete decentralization will lead to absolute centralization

  • Mutual prosperity on the asset end and the capital end. 

  • The stunning transformation from a narrow sense of cryptocurrencies to a broad definition of digital assets.

  • Infrastructure and applications are spiraling upwards, low switching thresholds lead to constant innovation.

Our decisions, actions and milestones have been guided by these theses, reflecting our understanding, experience and prediction of the industry. 

Bella Foundation

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”

– Ratan Tata

Since our inception, we have constantly been chatting with fellow crypto project teams and founders, continuously exchanging experience in tech, product, team development, hiring and treasury management. These exchanges of ideas and experiences, often than not, blossom into long-lasting partnerships and collaborations. 

We benefit from these forms of partnerships as much as our ecosystem partners do, not only in growing as a team and project but also in ecosystem expansion. Since then, we have contributed to and assisted some of the most promising projects in the crypto space. This is where we started. 

To make this effort and vision scalable, we are formalizing this spark into a venture fund. With this venture fund, along with the experience, resources and connections that we are injecting into it, we are positioned to help more projects and partners succeed, innovations and ideas flourish, and, eventually, the organic growth of the crypto ecosystem. We have committed investments in more than 30 crypto projects and DAOs. 

Q & A

Who will manage the fund? 

The investment decisions will be made by Felix Xu and Yemu Xu

What will the fund be investing in? 

The Bella Eco Fund will focus on investing in innovative projects that have the potential in defining the future of metaverse, primarily DeFi, NFT and infrastructure for Web 3.0.   

What will the check size be? 

Depending on the project and actual need, our investment size typically ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. 

Why should founders choose us as an investor and teammate? 

  • We have a long-term mindset and are always ready to roll up our sleeves and fight alongside the team.  The fund is an evergreen fund with no fixed investment or exit period. If possible, we want to work alongside like-minded people for as long as it takes.

  • Synergies with Bella Protocol and other portfolio companies, including product integration, community and liquidity. 

  • As two-time founders ourselves, we have been navigating our ships and crews through multiple crypto cycles. 

  • We are actively participating in governance, providing liquidity and designing protocol mechanisms and token economics. 

Which projects have we invested in so far? 

Our Portfolio: My Neighbor Alice, Litentry, Kylin, Dora Factory, Dodo, Suterusu, MonoSwap, Chronicle, Maverick, Parami, CryptoArt, LunarCrush, UFit, Structure Finance, Mars Finance, Solv, Sypool, Corite, Raiinmaker, Tamago, and FM Gallery.

Which projects have we invested in so far?

Does this mean we are focusing less on Bella Protocol? 

Absolutely not. The ecosystem fund will be part of the treasury management and a long-term effort to scale up our ecosystem effectively and efficiently. We will dedicate ~10-20% of our time talking to founders, crypto entrepreneurs and projects that we think can synergize with the Bella ecosystem. We believe that it is not enough to bring mass adoption to crypto and DeFi by ourselves alone. Quite contrarily, the Bella ecosystem will expand and blossom with an alliance of amazing founders, engineers and communities surrounding us.

Next Steps? 

We are looking for you to join the revolution as a founder or as a team member. To seek investment or join the investment team, please email felix.xu@bella.fi and yemu.xu@bella.fi, or follow us at @felixmxu and @wildwoodmoo, DM open.