Artemart, a metaverse platform that supports NFT creators and collectors, will list its token on the P2B exchange on April 10.

Artemart provides various services, including asset management, transaction details and social network support for creators, and aims to become a convenient, scalable, and economically viable platform in the Metaverse. The company reinvests 20% of its profits in ongoing projects and plans to develop P2E games centered on Louis Cats NAVI. The ARTE platform revitalizes the culture and art ecosystem and enables encrypted digital assets transactions.

Original works are highly valued, and Artemart offers special benefits to creators who produce them. The exchange, known for its transparency and reliability, aims to support promising crypto projects by helping them get listed and start successfully.

The ARTE token

The ARTE project has issued 1.1 billion ARTE tokens at a nominal price of $0.15.

The main objective of ARTE is to become a metaverse platform that communicates beyond the limits of a simple platform. It aims to achieve this through convenient, scalable and technically and economically sound features that align with the Metaverse’s objectives.

To achieve this goal, ARTE plans to reinvest 20% of its business profits into ongoing projects. The Metaverse is a digital technology convergence service that is the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The ARTE token will play a significant role in facilitating transactions and providing incentives within the ARTE ecosystem.

Artemart project’s features and further updates

The ARTE platform is in the alpha testing phase and will soon launch its NFT platform.

The platform aims to bring more transparency to the NFT market by verifying the authenticity of copyrighted works, providing accurate source information and disclosing transaction history. To attract young artists to the NFT market, ARTE will differentiate itself by implementing low fees and intuitive user interfaces.

Additionally, the platform will create a community environment for young artists through marketing efforts. The main focus of ARTE is to support artists by providing a transparent and trustworthy platform that is easily accessible.

About P2B

The P2B cryptocurrency exchange has been ranked as one of the top European crypto exchanges based on weekly visits, according to CoinMarketCap’s top-10 platform list.

Over the past three years, the platform has consistently been one of the fastest-growing exchanges, ranking in the top-three. Notably, P2B offers the widest variety of listing tokens among all crypto exchanges, securing its position as the premier exchange in this category.

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