The “play to earn” movement is an emerging phenomenon in games where players can obtain nonfungible token, or NFT, rewards by playing. Moreover, these rewards can be transformed into fiat if necessary.  

Traders have put the eye on Binamon, a project that, in less than 30 days, launched its first play to earn game using Unreal Engine, a high quality game. “Analysis is based specially in a project with solid bases and an undervalued price,” they said.

However, Binamon hasn’t had its explosion moment as Axie Infinity or Plant vs Undead. According to their development team, Binamon is focusing on the quality of the product and also on caring for the game’s economy. This is fundamental, only the organic growth of the game will allow Binamon to be the success that is promised to be. 

Currently, analysts see BMON — Binamon metaverse’s native token — price as a good entry and accumulative price at around 0,15 USD with an $18 million market cap. If Plant vs Undead phenomenon happens again Binamon could easily exchange for $2.00, and if this happens, it could get into a bullish parabolic trend to $28.00 at the end of Bitcoin’s bullish trend.

Rumors of big interest from big centralized exchanges to list Binamon due to everyone wanting to have the next Axie Infinity in their portfolio.

Binamon play to earn is a skill game where users have to run and face monsters shooting at them. To do this, they have to follow a sequence that combines four elements: water, fire, earth and light. The essence of this game is very didactic and strengthens the intelligence and brain connections of both kids and adults.

The game will release a mobile version with the possibility to make the monsters stronger with special equipment.

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