Hathor Network (HTR) has been a revelation from the very beginning. It brings together a blockchain-proven security model and DAG’s transaction scalability, offering unique features, such as fast and free transactions, merged mining with Bitcoin, easy tokenization and its upcoming Nano Contracts capabilities. 

HOPR, one of the few “community-driven” tech powerhouses, is a layer-zero privacy protocol that seeks to protect user metadata privacy. HOPR users can run nodes from their computers or use a plug-and-play staking node. Building a broad network and offering scalable node operator rewards focused on ensuring privacy for its users are a rare treat in today’s market.

Why start a heavyweight fight when both have so many vantage points and ideology in common. Let’s get ready to level up!

Hathor co-founder and CEO Yan Martins has emphasized the transaction processing capabilities, which were attractive to HOPR not just for their speed but also considering the heavy gas costs we all currently struggle with.

HOPR operates under DAO governance. The project was founded by Sebastian Bürgel, a blockchain pioneer; Rik Krieger, a member of Europe’s FinTech50; and Robert Kiel, renowned crypto expert. Similarly, Hathor also has a strong and academic background, being born out of the Ph.D. thesis of its co-founder and chief technology officer, Marcelo Brogliato.

HOPR and Hathor are hidden gems that immediately identified each other and planned to join forces, which will benefit users of both newly listed HTR and soon-to-be-listed HOPR.

“Bringing level-zero privacy to Hathor’s fast and scalable transactions is preparing the ecosystem for the next growth wave of privacy-aware individuals and data privacy, compliance-driven corporations.”

— Sebastian Bürgel, founder of HOPR

“I’m very impressed by HOPR’s unique privacy solution tackling a problem that is now more relevant than ever. And the fact that, like Hathor, they are truly decentralized from day zero makes me even more excited about this collaboration.”

— Yan Martins, co-founder and CEO of Hathor

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