SINGAPORE — Seascape Network is announcing the launch of its first initial product, Seascape Platform. The blockchain startup is focused on creating an innovative game platform centered around the new and emerging DeFi and NFT economy, which has seen tremendous traction since mid-2020. 

Seascape Platform will debut the first of three DeFi-powered minigames during the first quarter of 2021. The first game is titled Profit Circus and will offer users a unique experience, combining liquidity staking on Uniswap with gamification mechanics. Profit Circus is a new entry in the nascent “Play to Earn” video game monetization category. Historically, video games have seen different monetization methods, such as paid, subscription or free-to-play. With Play to Earn, the experimental monetization concept provides dual incentives for users to play games for leisure but also for monetary goals that have brought many game companies, large and small, to investigate the viability. As for Seascape Network’s game debut, Profit Circus’ initial liquidity mining event will provide close to 50,000 $CWS (valued roughly at over $1 million at the time of this release) to the early players of the first released minigame. In addition, bonus Seascape NFTs will be offered to all players who participate as well. The Seascape NFTs serve as game items that have utility in future Seascape Platform minigames, as well as unique art, traits and characteristics. 

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has recently invested in Seascape Network to take “DeFi Gaming to the Next Level” from their $100-million dollar fund focused on supporting blockchain projects that connect centralized finance and decentralized finance on the Binance Smart Chain.

David Johansson, CEO of Seascape Network, said: 

“DeFi has made providing liquidity to tokenized projects a win-win through the advent of incentivized yield farming. Benefiting both projects and their users, we wanted to develop a platform that would bring these innovations to the world of gaming, allowing our fanbase to discover the power of ‘Play to Earn’ for themselves. Profit Circus is our first effort to make DeFi more accessible to a huge user base, and we can’t wait to share the rest of our projects.”

Gamers who are interested in Seascape Network or learning more about Profit Circus can visit the Seascape Platform for more information. 


Gloria Gao