March 25, 2022 — Binance NFT — the nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace of Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency exchange — is launching a unique collection in collaboration with German soccer player Toni Kroos from today, March 25, until March 31, at 11 am UTC.


Kroos is one of the best soccer players in history, currently playing as a midfielder for Real Madrid.

With the support of NFKings, a leading NFT and metaverse platform, this collection will be released as 6,500 mystery boxes, each containing a hidden art piece made by designer Ahmed Abokor. The NFTs are based on Kroos’ career and his history as a soccer player, highlighting unique plays and moments.

There will be four classes of rarity: SSR (SuperSuperRare), SR (SuperRare), R (Rare) and N (Normal). Each mystery box will grant a chance to obtain any of the four categories, though the chances of receiving rare NFTs will, of course, be lower.

NFT holders will have a chance to receive unique perks and rewards from Kroos, including signed jerseys and memorabilia, as well as an opportunity to have a video call with Kroos. A significant portion of the revenue from the sale will be donated to the Toni Kroos Foundation, which focuses on helping sickly children and their families, and to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which is a global organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting the rights of refugees from war, political repression and natural disasters.

Kroos, born in January 1990, is one of the most well-regarded midfielders in recent soccer history. Kroos made his mark in history as a member of the German national football team during the 2014 World Cup, contributing to the team’s victory in one of the most spectacularly dominating World Cup matches in recent history, the semi-final against Brazil that ended seven to one. There, he was named Man of the Match. After the World Cup, Kroos was signed to Real Madrid, where he continues to play to this day while earning numerous trophies and personal achievements. Real Madrid dominated the Union of European Football Associations Champions League for three straight years from 2015 to 2018 with his participation, while he also won several La Liga titles during his tenure.

The release of the NFTs aims to offer new ways for the player to interact with his loyal fans, all while contributing to a charitable cause Kroos cares deeply about. Binance-based NFTs are environmentally friendly thanks to the usage of proof-of-stake and are available to a large swath of regular crypto fans, which makes the platform an ideal choice for the player.

“I am extremely thankful to Binance, NFKings and some amazing artists, Ahmed and Josha, for bringing these NFTs to life,” said Kroos. “It’s an entirely new way of interacting with your fans, almost like player cards in the digital age. For me, it’s all about making my fans happy while supporting children suffering from debilitating sickness who are helped by the Foundation.”

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