Cryptocurrency exchange Bispex announced that they have partnered with on February 27th, 2020. The two parties have been discussing on how to benefit each other and the users for a safer and profitable trading environment.

Bispex is a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on the price changes. Based in Seychelles, the project aims to provide a go-to place for making predictions regarding future cryptocurrency price changes and the overall market status.

Bispex is currently providing three services: perpetual trading (a form of leverage trading that reaches up to 100x through cross and isolated margin), insurance trading (a new kind of trading which is based on perpetual trading market), and spot trading. Bispex also grants its mark price by bringing price from six different exchanges (excluding the highest and lowest price) so that the mark price cannot be manipulated. Bispex and are planning on signing an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on how two exchanges can cooperate to satisfy users.

According to Mr. Kwon, CEO/CTO of Bispex:

“After listing on, our team has continuously discussed with team on how we could benefit and satisfy users. Pony and Cathy have been very cooperative and have offered various events such as Ask me Anything event etc.”

It would be interesting to find out how their cooperation would benefit the cryptocurrency trading culture. Also, Bispex will do its grand opening Mid-March. According to their CMO Patrick Chun, Bispex will be doing the official launch event at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Grand Ballroom, Singapore on May 14th.

Interested bettors can follow Bispex through its official Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram to know the latest developments from the platform.