May 30, 2017: is the first legal services offering and against Bitcoin-related scams and frauds that are increasingly taking place worldwide with the emergence of the cryptocurrency. They are also collaborating with global law firms to increase improper digital asset management and trading cases success cases. Moreover, the company has an active social community with traders, investors, entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.

The founder of the platform Victor Grosser, a young entrepreneur, and investor, who has been hurt by several exchanges, such as Mt. Gox and most recently Poloniex. These exchanges have locked down his cryptocurrency trade investments without any particular reason or communication given and limited his withdrawal amount from his total investment funds on the exchange. Much like others users of this platform, he has attempted to reach the company's representatives several times and has yet to have received a response from them.

Through, his intent is the cracking down of scams and fraud for new types of cryptocurrency. "Many investors and traders got hurt because of frozen accounts and the downtimes of these websites. And the government did (almost) nothing or take actions against these groups or companies." With new online cryptocurrencies being unknown and not always governed consistently, Grosser and many others see the need, and a place for this platform as cryptocurrencies are currently being accepted more and more as suitable payment for services or items.

So far, Bitcoin Scam Fighters Limited has announced that they have requested; for the launch and managing the ICO for the fundraising of their platform. The application was made by the company’s CEO Mr. Victor Grosser, and he has expressed high hopes and optimistic views about the collaboration of the two entities.

Selecting was also a wise choice in the market because it is a unique platform of its kind in the industry and has a lot to offer. The UK-based company will send a complete set of white papers to and is hoping for the best response.

Company name: BitcoinScamFighters LTD
Company site: https://www.
Contact Person: Victor Grosser – Chief Executive Officer