After months of intense testing and technological development, the official BitConnect coin wallet is ready, just in time for the 2017 New Year. This also means that from now on BitConnect’s Industry-exclusive bitcoin lending platform will accept BitConnect coin as the exclusive mode of digital payments.

Let’s go over the new features that work within the BitConnect platform. Within the BitConnect platform, you can send BitConnect coin (BCC) from send form on the dashboard, no longer having to send actual Bitcoins. We have converted all members funds in BitConnect wallet from a Bitcoin balance to a BitConnect coin balance. The available balance shows now in the BitConnect wallet as BitConnect Coin you hold rather Bitcoin values shown earlier.

For those looking to use the BitConnect bitcoin lending platform, you are required to have BitConnect Coin, as bitcoins will no longer be accepted for internal lending. The BitConnect coin will become fully tradable after the ICO is completed later this week, on December 31st, 2016. Within 5 days of ICO completion date, BCC will be available for sale on external exchange platforms.

With the innovations provided by the BitConnect coin, it has made adding new bitcoin users to the BitConnect community easier than ever. With the fastgrowing community of BitConnect coin users, the limited supply of BCC leads to a continuing increase in BitConnect coin value, much like Bitcoin is seeing today. Even distribution of its decentralized value leads to a stronger BitConnect network, in terms of network security and the future value of BitConnect Coin.

So what can you do with BitConnect Coin? With BitConnect Coin, you can start earning interest by “staking” in the desktop version of the BitConnect wallet. All you need is the download of the desktop wallet and then begin sending BitConnect Coin to start earning interest on it. You are required to have a minimum of 15 days within the desktop wallet to start earning interest without creating send transactions. To know more about how to stake BitConnect coin, click here.

You can also transfer BCC to other BitConnect members through their BitConnect wallet. Another option is you can sell BitConnect coin in your local currency and bring new members to join the BitConnect community, or you can send BCC to an exchange platform, and trade it with Bitcoin. The BitConnect coin will be available for trade soon during the first week of 2017, but the wallet is available right now, so click here to begin using the BitConnect bitcoin wallet (Available for Windows, OSX and Linux applications coming soon).

BitConnect is the world’s fastest growing online Bitcoin community, going from unlisted on Alexa to a top 80k website in just six months. Experience the BitConnect difference today and make 2017 your year to BitConnect.