September 20, 2016 - We here at want to thank all of our rabid fans, particularly in newer Bitcoin regions like Japan, India, and Brazil, for making us one of the world’s fastest growing Bitcoin communities. As recently as May of this year, we were not even in the top one million sites online, according to Alexa site rankings, and look at us now, just four months later. We’ve taken off like a rocket, and we humbly thank all of you for your support.

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We are never ones to rest on our laurels, and we are driven to become one of the top 100k sites in the world, so for the Fall season, we are releasing new features that our Bitcoin community has demanded. Your wish is our command.

New BitConnect Wallets Added

No need to leave our special community to get a free Bitcoin wallet. Now, you can store, spend and receive your Bitcoin instantly with our new wallet feature. Send Bitcoins easily in one click, and get a new address with every payment received. Old addresses are linked to your account forever, but we added this to make your account even more secure.

Our popular Bitcoin lending features are also enhanced by getting a special Lending wallet to store your earnings in U.S. Dollars. However, you can convert your USD balance of lending wallet to bitcoins at anytime with transfer option.

There are two ways to invest in the Bitconnect lending platform. You can send Bitcoins from an external provider or other third-party wallets, or use the Bitconnect wallet balance for lending. The Bitconnect wallet has the added advantage of not needing network confirmations to deposit via Bitconnect wallet.

Both Bitconnect wallets will allow you to easily convert your funds from BTC to U.S. Dollars and back at any time.

For more details on how to use our new Bitconnect wallet system, click here.


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We hope to reach our 100k goal before the end of the year. Keep an eye out for more exciting features coming soon from Bitconnect. We’re here to help you enjoy the world of Bitcoin more every day. To get your new Bitcoin wallets and join our popular global Bitcoin community, just go to