Futech Private Limited — a Singapore-based startup recognized for its crypto copy-trading service, BitCopy — announced it has received $1.5 million in funding from Mirana Ventures, a partner of Bybit and BitDAO. 

Whether automated or manual trading, Futech offers copy trading through collaboration with Bybit and other trading platforms, as well as through its capacity as a trader.

BitCopy has drawn many customers to Bybit, an exchange that Futech confidently recommends to customers. Their mutually beneficial relationship inspired Mirana Ventures to invest in Futech.

Mirana’s investment is expected to strengthen the Bybit platform’s ties with BitCopy and yield a positive impact.

David Toh, partner of Mirana Ventures, said, “Since copy trading replicates trading by professional traders, it empowers novices to enjoy stress-free trading in cryptocurrencies. BitCopy has significantly energized trading on Bybit, achieving win-win results for both sides.

“Our investment in BitCopy, Futech, is based on a partnership agreement that I am confident will strengthen our collaboration with them in ways that benefit the cryptocurrency market.” 

George H., director of Futech, said, “We at Futech are extremely pleased to receive this capital investment from Mirana. We will seek to leverage our presence in the crypto market as a pioneer in cryptocurrency copy trading while the decentralized finance project really takes off.

“I believe that we have established a very meaningful partnership with Mirana, who is a partner of Bybit, one of the world’s top cryptocurrency-trading platforms, and of BitDAO, an exceptional decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Going forward, we will use this alliance to further expand copy trading’s foothold in the crypto market.”