Ever since the internet came into our lives, we have benefited from the high speed of information exchange, and now with the advent of blockchain networks, we have a trustless flow of value. 

We now envisage that metaverses will bring us a highway of imagination, happiness and new career opportunities in the Web 3.0 paradigm.

About Bit.Country

Bit.Country enables everyone, especially influencers, to create their own metaverse with its own token economy, nonfungible tokens and decentralized autonomous organization, and takes community engagement to a new dimension on Web 3.0.

In each Bit Country, there is a local token backed by our native token NUUM, with a local DAO that governs the community and makes decisions for issues such as the supply of assets.

Seed investment

The first round of capital raised $4 million and was led by four top Web 3.0 and metaverse pioneers along with another 56 believers metaverse supporters around the world. 

Among influencers, Walsh Wealth Ventures co-led the round by bringing a powerful network of key opinion leaders and influencers who reach 200 million fans on classic social media platforms, such as CryptoGodJohn, Mr Beast, KSI, Tobias31, LazarBeam, MrFreshAsian, LachlanYT, CryptoWizardd and others.

A global leader and a unicorn in blockchain gaming, Animoca Brands took part in leading the fundraising round, bringing vast knowledge and connections to metaverse games.

Top funds in the Polkadot ecosystem, Hypersphere Ventures and Digital Financial Group are the co-leaders from the Polkadot community, and they bring us a clear future of the internet of chains and the composition of chains on Polkadot and Kusama.

Visionaries and trendsetters, Anti Fund, backed by Geoffrey Woo and Jake Paul, who have 20 million subscribers on YouTube, and Cao Yin of DRF.EE, the first crypto art collector in China, were all sound supporters in this round.

Our Purpose

Our vision and dream are when people of the world will be able to earn a modest income by contributing to their Bit.Country communities, while Bit.Country owners will distribute value to their followers by generating greater influence through network expansion.

There are many opportunities to earn among Bit Countries, including virtual building constructions, content creation, NFT creatives, music, trading, mini-games, community building and more. The local tokens can be exchanged with the support of liquidity providers in the decentralized exchange. 

While our team is excited about Web 3.0 development, our goal is to create a network that brings a real-world impact, providing everyone with opportunities of gaining value in this paradigm shift.

Our approach

We have launched several courses to help people benefit from the Web 3.0 movement, some of which are the Substrate Runtime Developer Academy (partnered with Acala Network) and the world’s first Metaverse Career Academy.

Our team and key partners

The team is led by serial entrepreneur Ray Lu from MVP Studio, who is a believer in a metaverse future, and it has talented employees from the Pacific regions, Europe, Silicon Valley and Asia with a diversity of skills and experiences gained from large-scale solutions to great community development.

Our secret weapon is education. Industry Connect has been serving the world in the tech education space since 2013, and our group as a founding member has benefited greatly by having a direct relationship with some of the top talent.

Moreover, with Ruitao and Acala as our advisors and partners, our vision is aligned with Polkadot’s native economic model, and we will strive to build our culture as one of the serious builders in the ecosystem, creating long-term value for users.

Official links

Website: https://bit.country

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitDotCountry

Discord: https://discord.gg/PaMAXZZ59N

Email: hi@bit.country

Person: Ray Lu