is excited to announce the launch of their Hybrid GameFi platform, Bitcrush Arcade, on Binance Smart Chain. Bitcrush is tackling decentralized finance (DeFi) in a use case-first approach as we introduce unique protocols and additional ideas on what could possibly crush it in DeFi.

Focusing first on ever popular casino games, Bitcrush addresses the tradeoff between the lack of transparency in centralized gameplay vs a poor and expensive user experience found in decentralized games. Our Live Wallet contract engages in a unique hybrid balancing act between the syncing of super fast servers and a much slower blockchain. This system allows for non-custodial deposits to be synced with centralized gameplay. Traditional gaming platforms require you to either engage in slower and expensive decentralized games where every roll requires a new transaction or to deposit your funds into a custodial wallet, requiring trust that the platform will not disappear with your funds. With our hybrid system, your funds are always yours. Should the site or server ever go down for any reason, you are able to claim your funds directly via smart contract, adding a new level or transparency and safety to game. This has much bigger implications in GameFi beyond just gambling with engagement. 


In addition to our own provably fair dice game called Dice Invaders, Bitcrush Arcade has teamed up with Dragon Gaming to launch with a nice selection of slots and table games for our launch, with additional providers to be added soon. 

Our Hybrid system of game play comes from our unique Staking Pool 2.0. — An auto-compounding single asset pool that provides not only traditional annual percentage yield (APY) rewards, but shares 60% of game profits with the stakers. This means that, yes, just by staking the native token CRUSH, you earn APY plus auto-compounding casino profits. 


Our next product release slated in the next few weeks is our Crush n’ Burn lottery. What just might be the best lottery in DeFi features daily burns, rollovers, guest tokens rewards for winners and profit sharing with stakers, not to mention everyone wins just for playing. We literally built a lottery that is win/win/win.

Also on the way are:

Black Hodle Referrals: Refer users to Bitcrush Arcade and a CRUSH burn will initiate every wager as you earn lottery tickets for doing so. This is an updated and on-theme upgrade for traditional referrals. 

Wager mining, or play-to-earn (P2E0): This allows you to mine CRUSH by playing games. As we expand, this is scheduled to become more evolved as we include nonfungible token (NFT) gamification. The more you play, the higher you level up and the more you earn.

The ultimate goal of all this is Bitcrush Arcade as a Service (BCAAAS). Essentially, we’re packaging up our hybrid solution and games for all of DeFi that allow our solution to be used by other projects and their users. Soon, the whole world will be talking about BCAAAS.

Everything goes to further increase the use case, burns and rewards for stakers. 

What’s important to note is that this is just our first use case as we expand further into DeFi and GameFi.

We are preparing to announce an NFT collection along with a major new use case for CRUSH that we’re keeping under wraps for now. 

Please be sure to join the community and follow along as we’re just getting started. Our hybrid approach and new use cases provide huge potential for mass market adoption. is poised and ready to truly Crush it in 2022.