Schwarzenegger’s youngest son Joseph Baena is minting his theatrical debut with film producer/financier Tiger Miller, founder of BITFLIX, the first Hollywood movie nonfungible (NFT) marketplace. 

“Collect movie NFTs, connect with stars, vote for movies you want to see”… if Terminator was the Bitflix movie, the behind-the-scenes clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic phrase "I'll be back" would be the movie NFT.

The collectibles will be purchased using the native BTFLX token launching next month. Bitflix’s upcoming movie projects are highly unconventional, casting supporting talent from social media platforms and sports, including UFC Hall-of-Famers Mike Bisping and Bas Rutten. When Bitflix Movie NFT Ambassador Joseph Baena was asked if his father would mint NFTs too, he smirked and said “all of Hollywood will.”

Founded in April 2021, Bitflix is geared to become the Netflix of the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, decentralizing the movie industry by ensuring the participation of the movie audience and crypto enthusiasts. Tiger Miller has produced movie content and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for more than 15 years, with stars such as Keanu Reeves, Allen Iverson, the Kardashians, including world-famous IPs such as Sesame Street. He has also been a cabinet member of the UCLA Entertainment Advisory since 2018. 

In an interview, Tiger explained there’s so many people contacting him to help with NFTs, he had no other choice but to launch a marketplace. “Movie celebrities and their agents are oftentimes confused about how to enter crypto, let alone NFTs. The Bitflix registration process is easy and we’re making movies, something they understand, which is why they trust us.” 

Bitflix to develop more utility for NFTs

A movie NFT is a collectible behind-the-scenes clip of an iconic movie moment. Inherent resale value exists if the actor's career or the movie IP takes off. 

The blockchain company has revealed five categories of NFTs including star, movie, music, activist and trophy NFTs. Buyers will enjoy certain benefits, which include casting voting rights, executive producer film credits and celebrity access through live streaming AMA sessions during film production.

Bitflix is currently producing a movie titled ‘LAVA’, the first fully crypto-funded movie. Other movies in the pipeline include ‘Berzerkerz’ and ‘Finding Satoshi: The story of Bitcoin’.

How will the Process Work? 

First, each movie screenplay will be submitted for review where the originality/non-plagiarism and commercial viability will be determined before other modalities would follow. Each movie listing will include the attachment of the potential cast and crew with the initial pricing for 21 newly minted movie NFTs. According to Bitflix, screenplay authors will receive a production role if desired, and original screenplay credits, including the residual profits on all future sales of the movie NFTs.

Bitflix will finance the movie production plus the minting of additional NFT content once the project’s NFTs have been sold. The Bitflix IDO is slated for November 2021. Let’s see where Bitflix takes us. 


Twitter/ IG/ TikTok: @BitflixNFTs