Introducing Bitfolio:

  • Bitfolio was formed in response to the demand for a safe and trusted financial ecosystem.
  • Using our products, we express our ideas with the thought of creating new value without borders.
  • We are a next-generation financial network company that will create a new economy and culture with a broad range of financial products and assets in the digital age based on blockchain technology.
  • We believe that by harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we can offer users a better experience in our ecosystem.
  • Our company’s name envisions the value of our products and enriches the world with the power of our financial network.
  • The income flow of Bitfolio is different from that of other companies.

Bitfolio will empower the future ecosystem by encompassing the following functions:

  • Bitswap
  • DexBit
  • Socialbit
  • Bithost
  • Bitstock
  • FolioSell (nonfungible token)
  • Force Academy
  • Staking decentralized application.

Bitfolio’s global ecosystem for financial products demonstrates why its products stand out from the crowd. Click here for a detailed description of the products, which consists of eight parts.

Our products help clients solve their problems all over the world while serving their needs in creative ways that offer better value as well. Bitfolio is the first blockchain-based business that utilizes use cases to solve real-world problems and provides automated services and transactions to consumers in an easier, cheaper and faster way.

Bitfolio’s platform token, BTF

The native token for Bitfolio is BTF. Bitfolio’s economy made the BTF token a multifunctional means of payment, remuneration and accumulation on the platform. BTF connects the products and services throughout the Bitfolio ecosystem, and it also allows its users to connect and interact with all the products and services available in the ecosystem.

BTF holders will be able to access several heavy-hitting staking pools with up to three-digit APY through a staking portal on Bitfolio’s website. Once the Bitfolio application is live, BTF will act as a type of key to access the ecosystem’s products. Staking BTF within the wallet will provide rewards and privileges, both in the application and getting access to a broad range of financial products, services and more.

BTF tokens for these products will be replenished with profit generated from the ecosystem. Unlike other crypto companies, we have developed a strong income flow that allows us to issue dividends. 

A key question to ask is why is the income flow of Bitfolio different from that of other companies?

In answering that question, let us examine the income flow of other crypto startups or companies. All the profits from the ecosystem of all existing crypto startups go to the company’s authorities. The fact is that those who currently hold company tokens do not receive any profit from the ecosystem. This is why most companies’ utility tokens are dumped when a new product or service is announced, and after small growth.

In order to solve this problem, BTF has a powerful income flow that brings the company’s dividend to the token. The method of our smart contract uses 30% of the profit from the ecosystem to burn tokens and is a deflationary mechanism built into the ecosystem. In this way, as the company grows, so do the token holders as well.

Bitfolio has a hard cap of 100 million BTF, and it always follows a deflationary model with 30% of all revenue being burned automatically by a smart contract. In the near future, we intend to burn 90% of our total circulating supply. Going forward, this approach is essential in reassuring our investors and token holders of token appreciation. A more detailed illustration of our internal economic model is as illustrated below:

Screenshot (3463).png

Bitfolio will work with the most exciting financial products, and top BTF holders will be presented with rewards and privileges. BTF will have a massive utility both in the physical and digital world, and there will be more following and a broader spectrum of utility for BTF.

Screenshot (3465).png

The income flow of Bitfolio adopts different buying pressure techniques to increase market demand and decrease the supply of tokens to help investors and supporters enjoy the maximum possible returns on their BTF investments in the market. This model also includes developing a staking DApp that allows investors to stake BTF and earn passive income at a high annual interest rate.

In addition, BTF is the only method of value transfer on the platform and will be used for accessing various functions to create demand and promote strong use cases. This way, the price of BTF will steadily increase as more users hold BTF tokens. The token will be listed on multiple exchanges so BTF holders can easily exchange their tokens with their listing profiles on PancakeSwap and Hotbit.

Finally, once launched, BTF liquidity will be locked for a year to prevent a price dump. This approach will help to stabilize the price and gain the utmost trust of BTF holders.

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