July 18, 2019 – Following the successes of Telegram’s GRAM and Polkadot’s DOT on BitForex’s new Initial Offerings: Unbound (IOU) program, BitForex is now ready to bring forward a third project starting on July 18th, 2019. With the IOU program, participants can get in on some of the most cutting edge blockchain projects before the general public.

In June, BitForex reached a strategic cooperation with a Telegram TON GRAM private sale participant, putting 1 million GRAM tokens – the new backbone of the cryptocurrency industry’s preferred method of communication – up for sale to interested parties. GRAM rose over 450% following its appearance on BitForex IOU.

The following project to reach IOU was Polkadot’s DOT — a token linked to a promising project offering inter-chain operability and features set to, among others, solve many of Ethereum’s native scalability issues. It’s value surged ~200%.

The latest token to join the ranks of BitForex IOU is Filecoin’s FIL — a project offering some rarely seen tangible real-world application prospects in the form of what most users might think of as cloud storage, similar to services such as Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud. The issue with current cloud storage solutions isn’t one of reliability, but one of cost — not to mention privacy concerns tied to giving data to giant corporations.

With Filecoin, users can buy data storage from private sellers backed by the Filecoin mainnet, ensuring the best solutions for users based on their geographical location and exact storage needs — cutting costs significantly by providing only what is needed while still offering scalability.

That’s certainly a welcome change compared to the singular flat fees offered by existing mainstream providers. Users are also able to rent out their own excess storage space on their devices through the Filecoin system, enabling participants to build up a reputable community of data access and safeguarding, free from the confines of established service providers.

To take part in the Filecoin IOU on BitForex – snagging FIL at just $0.78 starting on July 18th – simply head to BitForex’s official event page.

Get FIL now: bitforex.com

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