Bitget, the leading crypto derivatives exchange and copy trading platform, has announced a new round of Launchpad listing featuring GoSleep (ZZZ), the leading Web3 sleep and healthy living reward app on Arbitrum. The Launchpad tickets for the ZZZ token will be allocated on April 17, with the deposit period starting on April 10. In this round of Launchpad, Bitget has also introduced the sunshine pool, which is specially designed to provide fair opportunities for more participants to get allocations.


Bitget’s Launchpad was initially introduced in February 2022, and as of now, it has launched eight early-stage projects with a price increase of up to 14,950% in the first week of their listing. Previously, Launchpad featured REVO, BBO and HALO, offering users the opportunity to participate in early-stage token sales for the brightest handpicked projects.

GoSleep aims to motivate users to pursue a healthy lifestyle by providing them with sleep-tracking tools and personalized advice on sleep patterns to help gradually develop healthy sleeping habits. Earlier in February, GoSleep secured funding of $2 million, led by Foresight Ventures, and with participation from CCC Capital, Amber Group, SevenX Ventures, KuCoin Ventures and Gate Labs.

Bitget users who sign up for the launchpad and make a minimum deposit of 300 USDT within the deposit period, from April 10 to 17, will be eligible for ticket allocation on Launchpad. The final allocation is calculated as the user’s net deposit divided by the total net deposits from all participating users, then multiplied by the total Launchpad tickets during the deposit period. Users who get less than 1 ticket allocated can grab a share of the sunshine pool with 200,000 ZZZ tokens instead.

Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, said:

“We’re excited to work with GoSleep on our latest round of Launchpad. Our Launchpad has seen tremendous success in the past, with up to 100,000 users participating in previous rounds. With the introduction of the sunshine pool, we’re able to include more participants to get allocations, creating a fair and equitable opportunity for all participating users. We remain committed to offering our users access to the brightest and most promising projects in the crypto industry, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to build a robust and thriving ecosystem for all our users.”

About Bitget

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