March 2020 – Bithumb Futures has garnered special attention from the crypto trading community since the official launch announcement of its global digital asset derivatives trading platform. The exchange offers leverage trading up to 100x for Bitcoin Perpetual Contracts (BTC/USDT), the most actively traded crypto futures product in the market today. Ariel Ling, a 20-year Wall Street veteran, will take the helm as CEO. Jerry Liu, a quant technologist with 10-year experience in building trading system will run the tech development as CTO. The leadership team brings extensive management experience and deep insight from Wall Street and traditional finance, piquing interest from serious traders searching for a reliable trading platform.

Bithumb Futures

Bithumb is a leading, globally renown Korea-based crypto exchange, which has been a formidable leader over the past few years, in one of the largest and most active markets.

Bithumb Futures is the only official platform for futures products utilizing the Bithumb brand. It is operated by a legal entity founded by Wall Street professionals and a thorough due diligence process was conducted for the licensing of Bithumb brand. Since Bithumb Futures are using Bithumb brand, it is launching the service with high standards in mind, by providing deep liquidity, operational expertise, and world class customer service.

Building upon its in-depth market analysis and rigorous system design, the platform seeks to set itself apart from other competitors with its sharp focus on trading efficiency and quality multi-lingual customer services with 24/7 coverage for a diverse range of global clients spanning from retail individuals to professional institutions. Some of the key differentiating features are highlighted as follows:

  • Highly liquid market with tight spreads supported by a diverse range of institutional-grade market makers and global retail communities. 
  • Flexible cross-asset collateral management – user can post USDT, PAX, USDC, BTC, and ETH as margin and increase buying or selling power for potentially higher returns.
  • Convenient zero-fee one-click conversion to swap BTC or ETH to USDT, and vice versa
  • High-performance order matching engine with real-time monitoring on system processing and capacity, that rivals top industry competitors.
  • Robust liquidation mechanisms designed to optimize reduction of distressed account positions with minimal market impact and transfer risk away.
  • 100% of funds in access-controlled cold storage for the secure custody of users’ digital assets.

Launch Event

Registration Rewards – In celebration of the Grand Launch, users who register within 30 days from its launch may earn up to $130 in total rewards. All users are strongly encouraged to participate in the Launch Event and experience first-hand the efficiency and reliability of the high-performance order matching engine.

Referral Program – Users who sign up with a referral code during the event period will enjoy 50% off regular trading fees for 60 days, which is especially appealing for active traders, as well as allows new users to learn about derivative trading at a discount. 

Rewards were allocated for the first 30,000 registrants and on the Grand Launch date, 25,000 registrants have received their rewards, highlighting the strong interest in the Bithumb Futures platform.

Bithumb Futures’ Vision

In January, a market report from Bloomberg stated 50% of crypto-related trading volume involved derivatives trading. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), a U.S. regulated, leading derivatives marketplace, launched trading for bitcoin futures in October 2017 and is now approaching its’ third year of seamless operation. Crypto futures and derivative products have played a pivotal role in improving liquidity for the overall crypto market, as well as expanding the investor base for the asset class.

In the short term, Bithumb Futures will offer Bitcoin Perpetual Contract (BTC/USDT) trading, which can used to hedge the price volatility in the market. Dedicated multi-lingual client support is available to platform global users and the company plans to expand the language support.

Following current global regulatory best practice, Bithumb Futures will deny service to users from jurisdictions with local regulation prohibiting the trading of crypto-based derivatives products, and countries with weak AML regimes. The platform will also restrict access for users from blacklisted countries.

Recently, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs and other powerhouses in traditional finance all have shown increasing interest in crypto futures trading. Bithumb Futures seeks to lead the pack by upholding the quality standards associated with the Bithumb brand, leveraging this deep-rooted Wall Street management and technology expertise, and providing efficient, resilient and secure trading experience for the users. 

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