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Asia’s top crypto wallet — BitKeep’s year in review.

The year 2021 was a significant milestone for the blockchain industry, both in terms of user growth and technological development. On-chain assets grew at an unprecedented rate while concepts like NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, DAO, layer two and Web3 are widely known, and the crypto industry continues to capture mainstream attention. BitKeep also reshaped itself in 2021.

BitKeep is the top decentralized multi-chain crypto wallet in Asia. With 40+ main chains, 10,000+ DApps, and 45,000+ tokens supported, it provided services to over 6 million global users. In the past twelve months, BitKeep's DAU increased by 11.7 times. Since BKSwap went online in July, ADV increased by 50 times in three months. In 2021, BitKeep established teams in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Dubai and other countries/regions to provide local users with opportunities to participate in popular and quality projects. We listed 6000+ projects, provided site-wide marketing for 270+ projects, and built a 300+ BitKeep partner community globally. Moreover, BitKeep established strategic partnerships with multiple Top 30 mainnets.

The BitKeep app is a one-stop solution for various featured services, including wallets, cross-chain transactions and DeFi, and added NFTs, BKSwap and DApps. In July 2021, BitKeep v6.0 version went live. The upgraded app included a cross-chain bridge section while the BKSwap section provides real-time price, and supports 25 mainstream protocols. The NFT section supports NFT display, collection and transfer across seven chains.

The DApp in v6.0 was expanded to support 10,000+ DApps. A built-in “tag” feature was added so that users could add main chains to their favourite list and use tags to mark the ones they're interested in. DApps are divided into nine categories, i.e., DEX, GameFi, NFT, Finance, Lending, Derivatives, Yield, Bridge and Oracle.

BitKeep Chrome is a browser-based wallet plugin, which has the exact features of the BitKeep app. It supports various Ethereum-based smart contracts and more than 30 public chains. With BitKeep Chrome, users can manage assets across multiple chains while avoiding the trouble of installing a long list of plug-in wallets.

In addition, in September, BKB, the utility token of BitKeep, was introduced and made available to users via airdrop events and rewards. At the end of 2021, BitKeep introduced the Launchpad section to give eligible users access to promising projects in their early stages. BitKeep Launchpad (Beta) went live on January 13. All quotas were subscribed within just four minutes, bringing a 100-fold ROI within 15 minutes.

The official version of BitKeep Launchpad will be accessible after this pilot event ends. BitKeep will join hands with various promising projects to allow our users to participate in their early stages.

 The evolution of the internet through the eyes of BitKeep:

  • Web1.0: First stage of engaging users.
  • Web2.0: Interaction between users on different platforms.
  • Web3: Bridging the interface between the DeFi world and the real world, with the crypto wallet being the gateway to Web3.

According to DappRadar, the number of UAW that interacted with game DApps daily reached 1.4 million, accounting for 49% of total DApp usage; and game NFTs accounted for 20% of the $23 billion NFTs transaction volume in 2021.

For 2022, BitKeep feels optimistic about Gamefi and the NFT market. We are going to launch an NFT Marketplace, bringing users a convenient way to participate in projects and an enhanced ecological environment. In addition, the BitKeep Launchpad will launch more quality projects.

The launch of Deri Protocol v3 marked the first shot fired in the DeFi 2.0 revolution. In response, BitKeep will launch a new DeFi section in 2022, bringing our users a new DeFi 2.0 experience. In 2022, many blockchains will make significant progress in their decentralization journey. We also expect the DAO's governance toolset and infrastructure to improve. In the meanwhile, BitKeep will launch its BitKeep Open Platform, to reshape the relationship between the platform, developers and users.

As a company founded only five years ago, BitKeep accomplished a lot in 2021. As we endeavoured to implement our global strategy, we built a robust user community, got the attention of the whole industry and won a good reputation, all of which, in turn, laid a strong foundation for our progress in 2022. In 2022, Bitkeep will present brand-new products in the fields of Gamefi and DeFi, and introduce the Launchpad and Open Platforms. With the rapid development of Web3, the industry will definitely need a next generation of decentralized wallet gateways.

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