BitMart releases its 2022 “Annual Year in Review” report, marking milestone achievements amid a bearish market.

Jan. 9, 2023 — BitMart, a leading crypto trading platform, released its “2022 Annual Year in Review” report, marking milestone achievements amid a bearish crypto market and a call for enhanced innovation, localization and security for the year ahead.

2022, like every other year in crypto, had its share of industry highs and lows. And while the industry experienced a pullback in 2022, BitMart grew its total user base by 23% and expanded its business lines to include a nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace and regional derivatives and yield products. It also enhanced its ecosystem with a suite of new tools, tokens and security enhancements.

There were numbers that stood out to tell BitMart’s story in 2022. Over the past 12 months, BitMart’s 24-hour highest spot trading volume reached over $7 billion and exceeded $550 billion in total trading volume. The exchange also listed 667 new tokens and increased its spot trading offerings to include 900+ trading pairs, providing users with access to more crypto projects and communities than ever before.


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In 2022, BitMart saw its regional futures business grow by 300% and reach $850 billion in total futures trading volume and $5.8 billion as its highest trading day volume. BitMart’s NFT marketplace also saw a successful year with the launch of 71 exclusive NFT collections — over 23,000 NFTs in total.

Behind these numbers was a team of professionals dedicated to securing and elevating BitMart’s performance, products and security. Increasing security was at the forefront of BitMart’s agenda in 2022, and the exchange upgraded and deployed new security tools and updated its world-class infrastructures and stringent risk controls to further help protect users and their assets.

Sheldon Xia, CEO of BitMart, said:

“When we started BitMart, we knew that it would be an uphill battle to create something so ambitious, but we have never allowed ourselves to be defined by obstacles. Despite the industry challenges of 2022, our mission to bring further economic innovation, efficiency and equality continue unphased.”

Looking ahead to 2023, BitMart, which has already been awarded this year as Investopedia’s Best Crypto Exchange for Altcoins in 2023, has its eyes set on enhanced globalization, security and product innovation to lead it through another successful year.

Going global

Global expansion in 2023 means localization. This includes providing more tokens and products that match local market demands, as well as providing enhanced features and experiences to accommodate users in a variety of expanding markets and cultures.

In 2022, BitMart set up teams in Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Argentina to focus on providing all regional users with better experiences. Over the next 12 months, BitMart will continue to build on this foundational team to provide users with more personalized products, features and experiences.

Enhancing world-class security

Security continues to be central to the success and growth of the crypto industry as a whole. Contributing to this, BitMart will continue to work alongside cybersecurity experts, regulators and partners in 2023 to further strengthen the security of the ecosystem. In the coming year, it will continue to upgrade its infrastructure and risk control systems to help protect users and the exchange.

Growing the ecosystem

As BitMart expands its operations in 2023, it will continue to add more projects and tokens and will seek more strategic resources and partnerships to grow its user base, products and offerings. Enriching BitMart’s user experience across platforms is at the forefront of its 2023 plans, as well as continuing to test the utilities of NFTs and how the exchange can leverage them to bring users even more benefits in the year ahead.

Xia explained:

“2023 will be a year of building enhanced infrastructure, security and innovation. As we look ahead, we see our challenges and continue to be a solutions-oriented company. We are determined more than ever to bring people and crypto projects together.”

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