BitMart is excited to announce the latest addition to its diverse offerings for retail and professional traders alike: an exclusive nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace.

With a focus on a streamlined and luxurious user experience, BitMart’s venture into the NFT space seeks to set the standard in the accessibility and quality of NFTs, including prizes and giveaways, with a growing user base.

To celebrate this launch with the world, BitMart is announcing that all transactions on the NFT marketplace will feature zero fees for a limited time.

Current BitMart users can also claim a free NFT for being loyal BitMartians and supporting the exchange as it grows. These will be cool to display and collect, and collectors can rest assured that every NFT is 100% verified and authentic from projects currently partnered with BitMart.

With a curated list of 10-plus projects, BitMart has prioritized an exclusive platform that gives users a white-glove listing of NFTs at competitive prices.

Don’t have a BitMart account yet? Register today to launch a crypto journey as soon as possible.

For a deeper dive into how to use the marketplace, browse the user guide. Otherwise, traders and investors should mark their calendars for June 6 so they don’t miss out on this NFT experience.

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