October 19th, 2019, BitMax.io, a leading global digital asset trading platform, celebrated its memorable first-year anniversary with many blockchain industry leaders, innovators and influencers from the globe in Beijing, China. With remarkable growth over last 14 months, the platform has clearly differentiated itself in a highly competitive industry with its deep thought leadership in financial market, distinctive token economics, rigorous product innovation, and reliable and quality client services.

Overall, more than 200 global blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, entrepreneurs, developers, investors and key opinion leaders attended celebration conference focusing on key drivers to sustainable advancement of blockchain technology and crypto industry – Innovation, Break-through and Collaboration. The productive conference included several enlightening keynote speeches and three in-depth panel discussion around concurrent topics such as “the Future of Crypto-exchanges”, “the Rise of Digital Asset Management” and “the Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain.”

Ariel Ling, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of BitMax.io, gave an inspiring opening remark with many highlights from two-year adventure of her transitioning from 20-year successful Wall Street career to being an entrepreneur venturing into digital asset trading space.  She shared her insightful thoughts about BitMax’s management principles and philosophy, comprehensive industry trend analysis, multi-year strategic plan for overall financial platform which BitMax is part of, and near-term business priorities in the current challenging market condition. She pointed out that “in the next couple months, the team will be working on 1) more product offering from OTC trading, fiat ramp-on, to futures trading, etc.; 2) acceleration of institutional client acquisition and supporting serice offering; 3) continuous effort in North America market pending the regulatory development.” 

The Co-founder & CEO of BitMax.io, Dr. George Cao, hosted the first panel discussion. On the mission to raise the industry bar of digital asset trading platform, Dr. Cao and Ms. Ling founded the platform with a team of Wall Street quant trading veterans and have been leading the transformation ever since. The industry trailblazers who joined the panel discussion with Dr. Cao were Mr. Harry Wan, Partner of MatrixPartners China, Mr. Hao Wang, Vice President of Sequoia Capital, Mr. Shuoji Zhou, Founder of FBG Capital, and Mr. Kaihao Ni, Partner of DFG Crypto. 

Mr. Harry Wan said: “The blockchain industry develops faster compared with many traditional industries. At the early stage, exchanges had to provide additional services in the face of a yet-to-be-improved industry. As the industry evolves, we will be able to concentrate on matching trading – what we are best at.”

Mr. Christian Xu, as the representative of ETC - the strategic partner of this event, gave a keynote speech and introduced the difference between ETC and ETH. “First, ETC supports deflation policy, while ETH does not have cap on the amount of tokens; second, ETC does not have difficulty boom and still apply PoW consensus; from the perspective of hashrate, community and market cap, ETC is growing continuously. Vitalik once proposed to use ETC as a data layer to alleviate the network congestion problem, to increase the speed while lower the gas fee.”