(, the industry leading next-generation digital asset trading platform, has selected EtherZero (ETZ) as its new listing partner. The listing of ETZ ticker is currently scheduled for April 19, with immediate trading. The EtherZero project continues to expand partnerships to boost its popularity and adoption, as well as provide the industry top liquidity for traders.

EtherZero is aiming at an excellent platform for decentralized applications, which it has reached 1400+ TPS and lighting payment with MPoS consensus mechanism .The approach of EtherZero springs from the limitations of the original Ethereum network, and aims for the best practices in proof-of-stake networks. EtherZero combines Masternodes with PoS and governance mechanism, in order to verify a higher transaction while securing the network.

Within EtherZero network, users shouldn’t be able to pay the gas fee when making a transaction or deploying a DApp, It is because we adopt “Power” value to act as Gas in the EtherZero network,  every transaction in ethereum network required to fuel gas and this is what we called gas fee, but in our network, Power is a EtherZero-origin token generated in MPOS mechanism, it’s no tradable and transferrable. All ETZ account balance greater or equal to 0.01ETZ will continue to produce Power as the block grows until the Power limit is reached. Power will reduce after each transaction end and can only recover when block and ETZ balance go up, which could prevent attacks and keep EtherZero network’s security effectively.

The ETZ token is already available on 11 exchanges, adding another robust market to its liquidity mechanism. ETZ trades with a market price in the vicinity of $0.10 as of April 2019.

The EtherZero project went through the detailed listing process of before the launch of trading pairs, ensuring that only high-quality projects reach the platform’s users.

The founders are aiming to attract the best developer talent to enlarge ETZ ecosystem. The project has also built up a friendly developer orientation package, with video tutorials and a dedicated GitHub repository and technical documentation. The EtherZero network already runs several premium DApps like L’ETZ Rock!, a mining app; UnicornGo, a collectibles game, as well as Friends Farm, a game created by professional developers in Foshan City, China. With its unique blockchain features and scaling solutions, EtherZero is positioned to make use of the booming gaming industry and reach both developers and targeted blockchain players directly. EtherZero has already accommodated more than 10 DApps, serving a community of 500,000 users.

To become a masternode, every holder should hold 20,000ETZ and one virtual server, while all masternode holdesr are able to share 9 million ETZ annually as bonus. Masternodes are a way to solidify EtherZero network’s stability by ensuring a widespread community support, as well as the constant technological resource for a secure, attack-proof block production, the smooth and fast running of DApps, as well as smart contracts. Additionally, each node can make community proposal and initiate voting to participate in community establishment.

The EtherZero team was established back in 2017, launching a robust public blockchain with 679 masternodes as of April 2019. The network has a fast and agile block time of 1-2 second, as well as theoretical scalability to thousands transactions per second by using 2 MB blocks. Theoretically, at current full capacity, the network is geared to handle up to 1,400 transactions per second.

About is the industry leading next-generation digital asset trading platform that provides a broad range of financial products and services to both retail and institutional clients across the globe. This innovative trading platform was founded by a group of Wall Street quant trading veterans and built upon the core values of blockchain, transparency and reliability, to deliver high-quality client services and trading experience.

The platform goes beyond the transaction-mining model, and uses a combined trading model of “transaction-mining” and “reverse-mining.” Platform users receive BTMX tokens ( platform native token) as rewards for trading on the platform under the “transaction-mining” mode, and get rebates for executing maker trades under the “reverse-mining” mode. “Reverse mining” is a separate mechanism to encourage liquidity provision and manage overall circulation of the platform token. This setup of multiple trading modes can meet diversified user needs. always strives to provide its global users with a comprehensive set of trading products. enabled margin trading on Feb 14th, 2019.The margin trading function is another step forward from product offering perspective to better serve their dynamic trading needs. For users who understand and acknowledge the risks involved in margin trading, they are now able to leverage their tradable asset for potential higher return on investment through margin trading with sound risk management. The list of digital assets that can be traded on margin has increased from initial four to 18 different tokens, even including BTMX. It’s another pioneering move for to enable margin trading in its own native token. It expands the utility functions of BTMX, and incentivizes liquidity on the platform. (The margin trading function of is not available for North American markets.)

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership with EtherZero

With the commitment to listing only industry top-quality products as part of its client-centric strategy, has expanded its global client base to over 150,000 registered users and 53,000 active community members. has already established strategic partnerships with many top projects, and are constantly working towards the objective to broaden the global adoption of digital assets.

EtherZero is a working network dedicated to real-world results and building a robust user base for its DApps, zero-fee transactions and fast and reliable smart contract activity with immediate payments. This mutually beneficial partnership is regarded as a positive drive forward for the adoption of blockchain technology in more scenarios.

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