In its pursuit to become the standard NFT analytics engine for all industry platforms, bitsCrunch has widened its reach by partnering with Cointelegraph as its strategic global media partner.

As Cointelegraph itself delves into a world of minting every historical article as a nonfungible token in its ongoing collection, the crypto-media powerhouse will be able to use bitsCrunch’s artificial intelligence and cross-chain forensics tools to educate and provide transparency for its readers and pro subscription members.

The partnership, slated to launch before the end of the year, will have multiple facets. Various educational, promotional and product integration phases are set to take place to join global communities together in creating a better, safer future for NFTs and digital assets.

“We are changing the status quo in how people look at valuations and trust in the NFT market,’’ cites Kevin Conabree, Global Head of Growth at bitsCrunch. “As we build these tools to mitigate fraud and increase transparency, we feel Cointelegraph is the best platform to spread the message to the global NFT community, not by simply creating content about it but by actually helping them to apply these tools within their own community.’’

Wes Kaplan, CEO of Cointelegraph, shares:

“We are delighted to add bitsCrunch to our network of strategic partners and provide its industry-leading insights and analytics of NFT markets to our worldwide audience. We firmly believe that bitsCrunch services, allied with our media ecosystem products, will bring more awareness and confidence to the larger NFT industry.”

About bitsCrunch

BitsCrunch aims to provide a consistent and reliable experience for the digital asset and NFT markets.

Using bitsCrunch data, decentralized application (DApp) developers, traders and collectors can build models to estimate the base value of NFTs, produce tailored market reports and competitor analyses, account for price manipulation, protect against forgery and better understand the latent opportunity in NFTs. The ultimate vision of bitsCrunch is to be the standard NFT analytics engine for all global DApps.

About Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is the leading independent digital-asset media ecosystem focused on digital assets, the future of money and emerging new technologies of the metaverse world, providing original content from all over the world. International editorial teams integrated with native Web3 communities publish unique insights in 11 different languages to a loyal audience interested in disruptive technologies, digital assets and fintech applications. The digital news platform sits within the broader Cointelegraph ecosystem, which includes market analysis and research, its Magazine publication, educational content, social media, and consulting services that help all industries learn and benefit from blockchain technology and Web3.

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Check out the bitsCrunch website and NFT analytics dashboard, and stay tuned to its social media handles for important updates.