BitsCrunch, the AI-powered community-driven NFT data network, has received tremendous support from the community for its incentivized Testnet Task 3, which has already surpassed 18,000 users, and is live and running with limited time opportunities to earn rewards. Aspiring participants can join the testnet on the renowned CoinList platform, a leading cryptocurrency launchpad and exchange that provides early access to cutting-edge and established cryptocurrencies. This presents a unique opportunity for users to be a part of the future of transparency and data accessibility within the blockchain ecosystem.

The bitsCrunch testnet is actively seeking enthusiastic participation from operators, projects and users to contribute to the testing and development of the bitsCrunch network. The testnet aims to ensure the security, operations, performance and user experience of the network before its mainnet launch, expected in September 2023.

With the launch of Task 3, bitsCrunch is inviting all users to engage in activities on the UnleashNFTs platform, which will serve as a testing ground for the performance, stability and scalability of the bitsCrunch network testnet API. 

To incentivize and reward active participants, bitsCrunch has allocated 4,600,000 BCUT tokens (equivalent to 0.46% of the total token supply) for Round 1 of its incentivized testnet program, with 1,500,000 tokens dedicated specifically to Task 3.

Participants in Task 3 can accumulate points by actively participating in various marketing initiatives and regular activities on the website. These points will determine the eligibility for token rewards, and only the top 1,000 participants with the highest point accumulation will receive the rewards.

To participate in Task 3, interested individuals need to connect their Ethereum wallet (via Metamask or WalletConnect) to Unleash NFTs. This wallet address will serve as a unique identifier for monitoring participation and awarding points. Rewards will be distributed to the associated addresses of eligible participants upon the mainnet launch.

To ensure fair participation and prevent point farming, each participant will be limited to a single wallet and a specific daily cap on accrued points. Additionally, participants are required to link the wallet address used during the testnet and complete the KYC process to receive rewards.

“We are excited to invite the global community to be a part of our incentivized testnet program on CoinList,” said Gopi Kannapan, chief product officer at bitsCrunch. “The testnet is a crucial step in ensuring the robustness and efficiency of our AI-powered data network. We extend our gratitude to CoinList for hosting our testnet launch and providing an exceptional platform for participants to engage in Task 3.”

About bitsCrunch

BitsCrunch is on a mission to elevate the global Web3 ecosystem by forging a safer, more transparent future for NFTs. The network aims to achieve this by offering unparalleled NFT data insights, forensic data and development tools.

At the heart of the solution is the bitsCrunch Network — an AI-enhanced data network that delivers high-quality NFT analytics and forensic data. Accessible via APIs, the network promotes a community-driven ecosystem and encourages diverse application development.

  • Forensic data — the bitsCrunch Network offers detailed forensic data on NFTs, enabling users to identify potential risks, fraudulent activities and maintain security.
  • High-quality NFT analytics — users are able to make informed decisions about their investment with in-depth analytics. For example, the network leverages AI technology to provide accurate price estimations for NFT tokens, among other insights.
  • Cross-platform compatibility — bitsCrunch Network supports data from various blockchains and NFT marketplaces, providing users with a comprehensive and unified source of information.

Join bitsCrunch Testnet Task 3 now and be part of the future of blockchain transparency and data accessibility. For more information and participation details, visit CoinList. Please note that the testnet is not available in certain jurisdictions, including the United States and Canada.