The crypto asset industry has seen significant gains from the lows of the 2018 Crypto Market. During the 2019 recovery phase, something which is still ongoing, a group of likeminded entrepreneurs and crypto industry leaders came together to launch the BitTok Trading Platform. This was realized in May 2019.

Development over the past year has seen BitTok adhere to the concept of sustainable development while embracing a user’s first approach in terms of platform architecture, product services, and community ecology.

This has permitted the gradual creation of an efficient, transparent, and fair crypto-asset trading platform, providing safe, convenient, and professional crypto asset management services to users around the world.

At present, BitTok registered users have exceeded one million, of which more than 100,000 are daily active users. This is in addition to more than 5,000 community partners.

24-hour transaction volumes have exceeded 200 million US dollars consistently and these numbers continue to grow steadily at present.

During the period of the first anniversary of BitTok, as a thanks to users for their support and trust, BitTok will hold several different anniversary events from May 5th to 11th, 2020:

  • Campaign 1: Special Area – Net Purchase, Gain 50 USDT

For users who purchase more than 10000 project tokens and, hold the position more than 7 days during the “campaign registration period”. A reward will be provided of 50 USDT after 3 working days of the position period.

  • Campaign 2: New User Area – Sign Up With Free Token

An airdrop reward with signup to the Bittok App available to all who pass in app KYC during the campaign period, the reward is worth 10 USDT of the projects token.

  • Campaign 3: Social Media Area – Sharing to Obtain Bonus Tokens

By following BitTok Official Social Channels – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and sharing the BitTok Anniversary Poster with comment #BitTokHappyAnniversary to your own profile.

A screenshot should be taken and uploaded to the required link; participants will receive via airdrop 6 USDT in project tokens.

Overview of BitToks First Year Achievements

Overview of BitToks First Year Achievements

Global development

Based out of Singapore, Bittok is committed to driving innovation on a global scale. Currently, we have established independent operation centers in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, New York, and other significant areas of interest.

BitTok has participated in various industry conferences in Singapore, United States, Malta, Turkey, and many other places. Additionally, we have also initiated multiple online and offline events for our native users and global partner network. Presently, BitTok has established community user nodes in more than 20 countries around the world, laying a solid foundation for the global scaling process.

Product innovation

BitTok is positioned as a “smart housekeeper” of digital assets for individuals and institutions alike. The platforms core functions integrate storage, trading, and value-added services.

In relation to asset storage, BitTok adopts a "100% cold storage" protocol, which is rare in the industry but brings about greater safety for users and their assets.

On the transaction level, BitTok adopts a multi-layer, multi-cluster system framework design. This is completed via an independently developed efficient matching engine to ensure high concurrency and stability of transactions.

BitTok develops innovative products to enable asset appreciation and risk management which push towards a win-win situation for project parties and users.

Legal compliance

The Crypto assets sector is an emerging industry. It is inevitable for the industry to move towards compliance and licensing. Standing on this point, BitTok has established the concept of compliant development from the very beginning and has actively embraced regulation. As such, it has completed the MSB registration from the United States and Canada and compliance exemption from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Recently, BitTok has submitted its application for major payment institution license to MAS and expects to obtain a formal licensing soon.

Vigorous present, prospective future

In the future, BitTok will improve its core competitiveness in multiple verticals, from projects to products, and risk control.

  1. Select more high-quality assets worldwide to provide users with trading services through professional operation.
  2. Provide users with diversified tradable products to satisfy trading needs of users with different risk preferences by leveraging advanced technology and innovative financial product system.
  3. Establish a diversified risk control system, carry out risk management on wallets, systems, businesses, and finances, and make relevant plans to ensure security.

The crypto exchange is an important and integral part of the blockchain industry. BitTok promotes the efficient operation of the crypto asset market from the perspective of the industry's sustainable development and in a responsible attitude to projects and users, and then further promote the development of the industry.

The BitTok team thanks you for your time and to participate in the anniversary activities, please follow this link.