SINGAPORE, Oct. 13, 2022 —, the world’s first social-infused exchange, is thrilled to announce the listing of the BIVE token in its Main Zone. With the new token listing, users can trade BIVE seamlessly on the trading platform of XT. 

The BIVE token listing is expected to be open to trade at 08:00 UTC on Oct. 13, 2022. This, in turn, makes it beneficial for both the XT community as well the BIVE users. While the users of XT can trade better with newer tokens being listed, the BIVE community can trade on a global platform with a huge audience. BIVE’s initial decentralized exchange offering sold out in 20 seconds on XT Starter, which is a great sign for Bizverse on XT. 

BIVE is the main currency of the Bizverse ecosystem and is a utility token that can be used for several purposes, such as buying, selling or leasing properties in the form of vrMalls and renting or leasing the vrExpo event organization system. 

BIVE token staking benefits

The BIVE token runs on BNB Smart Chain and is open to expanding to multichain in the future. The token plays a central role in the Bizverese ecosystem, and in almost all the activities within the ecosystem, the token has its corresponding use cases. 

BIVE users also get the privilege of taking part in network governance. The tokenholders and users can participate in the system governance process through voting. They can also delegate the voting rights to another player if they don’t wish to participate directly. 

The contactless economy operates the whole trading, exchange, trading and mining business in Bizverse. This is a real economy, letting users bring trading activities in the real world into vrMalls, vrStores and exhibitions. With this new economic model, users can earn extra income by playing, watching, shopping, building and more. All are perfectly integrated into Bizverse, providing a full virtual universe for business operations based on virtual reality and the crypto world.

About Bizverse

Bizverse is a metaverse and digital twin world aiming toward a contactless economy, a project defined by the concept of meta economy, a combination between the metaverse and business worlds, to build a virtual reality environment, a real metaverse for business activities. 

With superior 3D and virtual reality 360 technologies, stores, booths, and billboards in the Bizverse world are presented as 3D models combined with VR360, giving users unique VR experiences as well as an objective picture of products. Users can even insert your sales pages and websites into the Bizverse environment or hire advertising billboards in the lobby, thereby reaching potential customers in both real and virtual markets.

Despite the crypto market slump, Bizverse has successfully raised $4.5 million in seed and private rounds by leading venture funds. The project has now reached 300,000 active users on Bizverse Social, 200 million+ posts and 28 million+ comments on social platforms. 

Bizverse, along with six other startups that are putting a lot of attention on the metaverse and blockchain, was honored to participate in the fourth accelerator program of Meta’s TTC Labs.

About XT.Com

By consistently expanding its ecosystem, is dedicated to providing users with the most secure, trusted and hassle-free digital asset trading services. Our exchange is built from a desire to give everyone access to digital assets regardless of where you are. 

Founded in 2018, now serves more than 6 million registered users, over 500,000+ monthly active users and 40+ million users in the ecosystem. Covering a rich variety of trading categories together with an NFT aggregated marketplace, our platform strives to cater to its large user base by providing a secure, trusted and intuitive trading experience.

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