We would like to announce that Black Stallion, a Polygon-based cutting-edge crypto metaverse and gaming platform covered in our previous press release, has launched its public sale exclusively on PinkSale, while announcing its Gate.io listing on Feb. 25.

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In a world where innovation is rapidly changing the way we live, work and communicate; Black Stallion is a new disruptor that is reshaping the virtual and GameFi landscape. Cryptocurrency can empower individuals, so it’s time for everyone to sit up and take notice.

Black Stallion and its experienced and accomplished team are at the forefront of this movement, harnessing the potential of blockchain technology to create a more accessible, transparent and inclusive ecosystem of products and services, which include its own exclusive BS wallet, BS marketplace, BS decentralized exchange, BS pay, BS staking, Metaverse Battle Game (MBG) and much more. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, BS coin has a unique business model focused on creating value for its holders.

BS token represents much more than just a simple investment opportunity. It is a catalyst and main fuel for all Black Stallion products, making widespread adoption of the token a certainty. At the token generation event, which is scheduled for Feb. 25, exclusively on Gate.io, the initial market cap is set at only $2.5 million, so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to get the token now at the $0.3 mark, before purchasing at much higher prices. MBG and all BS products are scheduled for release in the following months, so anticipating the move is an excellent way to stay ahead of everyone else before Black Stallion gets into everyone’s newsfeed. Imagine if everyone got on the BS train and you were standing on the sidelines. It wouldn’t be the greatest feeling, so act bold and become part of the Black Stallion family now.

Black Stallion partners and backers, Techno Digg, Metaverse Plus, Coinology, PinkSale, CoinCarp and Dexview, have recognized Black Stallion’s potential as the leading player in the industry, and the company’s rapid growth has further solidified the confidence in its ability to disrupt and revolutionize the crypto space. With its cutting-edge features, nonfungible token support and high-class games built on Unreal Engine 5, Black Stallion is exactly what the world market needs, all while reaping the benefits of its decentralized and secure nature.

In conclusion, Black Stallion has big things coming out soon, so whether you are looking for new products, security, or growth potential, BS token seems like a perfect investment opportunity. Embark on a journey like no other, whether you’re a gamer or an investor, as BS is your passport to a world beyond your imagination, where the possibilities are endless. So, why wait? Invest in BS token today and take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer! Let’s grow with Black Stallion!

*Initial dex offering (IDO) ends on Feb. 23, and tokens can be purchased with Polygon (MATIC).

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