The mass adaption for blockchain technology depends on blockchain technology breakthroughs. The success of any blockchain technology depends on three main factors. The first factor is the success of public chain implementation.  The second one is the ability to balance security with performance and decentralization (the blockchain’s impossible triangle). Finally, you have to reduce the transaction cost.

BlackPearlChain is a third-generation public chain designed by BlackPearl.Chain Inc. that is introduced as a solution to the challenges currently associated with blockchain technology. Its chief architect is Jack Liu, who was an assistant general manager and T4 expert in Tencent, Ex CTO of OKCoin, also the inventor of the "Jiangmin Anti-Virus" software, Jack is defined as "an internationally renowned anti-virus expert" in Baidu Encyclopedia. This person is well-known in the Internet industry for his achievements in big data mining, artificial intelligence, e-commerce logistics, instant messaging, entertainment and health.  

BlackPearlChain has unique characteristics which makes it capable of striking a balance between high performance, decentralization and security while achieving a lower transaction costs for DApp runing on it.   BlackPearlChain can carry large-scale commercial applications at a relatively low energy cost. Therefore, it is affordable to industries with wide range of applications. The entire BlackPearlChain is designed from ground up. It is unique compared to other public chain models such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The following are some of the cutting edge characteristics of BlackPearlChain.

BlackPearlChain uses VRF lighting fast consensus, three-layer sharding, multi-dimensional routing, IPFS storage, system contract, and neuron node management.

BlackPearlChain can effectively support huge volume of small amount of real-time payment, decentralized digital currency trading, instant messaging, e-commerce, search, notarization, social, media, digital assets, traceability and so on.

BlackPearlChain is fully decentralized with linear expansion capability. It can support tens of millions of TPS with the increase of nodes. It is extremely secure, and resistant to quantum computation and biological computation compromise.

BlackPearlChain has made innovative breakthroughs in consensus, computing power, storage and communication. It is fully scalable, very secure, and energy efficient. Specifically, BlackPearlChain makes breakthroughs in following aspects:

  • Fully Scalable with Intelligent sharding. BlackPearlChains has an innovative three-layer sharding design that completely solves trust issues between shards. It also provides asynchronous sharding consensus and inter-shards communication. The AI-capable loading balance algorithm of data collection and distribution can automatically complete sharding and merging. This feature enables BlackPearlChain’s performance to exceed the performance of the centralized server. The performance of the public chain can be infinitely improved by this breakthrough.
  • Secure and Fast Consensus: BlackPearlChain implements VRF lightning fast consensus. Its unique VRF implementation randomly selects current round of voting nodes achieving pioneered lightning consensus within a short time of about 0.3 seconds - 3 seconds.
  • Computing power reduction: An App forms the node in BlackPearlChain system. Users can install BlackPearlChain wallet to participate in consensus and block production.
  • Improved Network Performance: The technology has a super-routed P2P broadcasts that enable current home broadband to achieve up to several thousand Single-Shard TPS. The measured TPS peak is 5730 at current broadband conditions.

Q & A:

1. Sharding: How is the mechanism of inter-shard communication and transfer of consensus between shards guaranteed?

The inter-shard communication uses ai routing algorithms and multiple data signature techniques to ensure that the communication data is not fake nor falsified. The transfer of inter-shard consensus is guaranteed correctly by conducting sender and receiver double recording.  Real-time clearing reconciliation is also conducted.

2. What is the difference between BlackPearlChain VRF lightning fast consensus mechanism and the general VRF consensus? How is it being achieved?

BlackPearlChain VRF lightning fast consensus is a completely new consensus protocol that can do quick coverage and calculation of states to fast reach consensus. This mechanism is fundamentally different from the traditional VRF.

The traditional VRF uses a random function to draw a lottery for forming a committee. The consensus is reached by communication between the committee members. It is relatively easy to manipulate the process and reduce the efficiency through communication disruption, isolation, and bribery. We have utilized relay broadcasting, multi-signing, state switching techniques. Through our proprietary unique algorithms and processes, BlackPearlChain has addressed the traditional VRF issues.

In VRF lightning fast consensus, the block is constantly produced by different random members through p2p broadcast data stream, anonymous process of self-election, block-generating, verification, voting, confirmation. Even with network delay and global clock manipulation, the hacker cannot predict and disrupt BlackPearlChain consensus process.

Blackpearl.Chain has already garnered significant interest in its product and the highly accomplished team behind it, recently, renowned former CNN and Blomberg news financial reporter Jane King joined the team as media advisor.

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