The Blockchain Cuties game has partnered with content ecosystem Contentos to host a giveaway of a cute digital pet – that’s also a playable and tradeable cryptocollectible asset.

Blockchain Cuties is a cryptocollectible game with strong strategic elements which encourages their players to play around with breeding new species of digital pets, appropriately named Cuties. Cuties can be anything you want them to be due to the influence of modern pop-culture. For example, in the game, you could meet famous movie actors, political figures, leaders of the crypto industry as well as custom drawn ones based on gamers' pictures. They are based off of real and fantasy creatures like cats, dogs, bears, lizards, foxes, hedgehogs, pigs and even aliens. The game has no limits and gives your imagination ultimate power. The sole condition for a digital pet is to be cute and adventurous. Cuties go on exciting adventures to the Magical Forest, City Ghetto, Gates of Babylon so there they gain experience and collect dropped items.

Players of Blockchain Cuties can take full ownership of the value they have produced. This value, which is the Cuties themselves, cannot be taken from them nor can anyone dictate the terms of their usage. In other words, the players are able to sell their digital pets in whatever way they prefer, for whatever price they find fair. This is the main feature of the cryptogame. And this was one of the main reasons to build a strong partnership with Contentos, who hold a similar mission.

The vision of Contentos is to build a decentralized, global digital content community that allows content to be freely produced, distributed, rewarded and traded, while protecting author rights. Content creation, curation, distribution, storage, and verification are all rewarded in COS tokens, the unique cryptocurrency that powers the Contentos ecosystem. The other way to get these tokens is via Bounty Program. All COS tokens are ERC-20 Token Standard tokens based on the Ethereum protocol.

As COS Tokens become a constant part of the in-game market, Blockchain Cuties wants to celebrate this moment and make it memorable. So they’ve decided to host a very special giveaway of a Cutie with a perfect Gen0. Firstly, this means that players and COS owners can generally buy and sell Cuties for these Tokens. Secondly, there is a new possibility to mark yourself as a content creator or a person whose values are in line with the idea of unique and protected content. Thus, if a Cutie is bought for COS tokens everyone will see the Token logo next to it.

WIN a cat in a puffy vest

This Cat is one of a kind, a beautiful child of a struggle for a fair, liberal and profitable market. The Cutie has no time to chill – it is here to create, so the spotlight next to it symbolizes video creation and recognition. It wears a trendy T-shirt and an orange puffy vest. Glasses are either for style or for hours of editing viral video content in front of the screen.

The rules of a giveaway

The player with the largest number of operations with COS Tokens in the Blockchain Cuties Game within 1 month will receive one of a kind collaboration cat! You can include your own message in this giveaway event related to the agenda – author rights, freedom of expression and so on. The Blockchain Cuties team won't miss the chance to tell the world about you.

See you in the Blockchain Cuties game! Don't forget to grab your COS Tokens now.